Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

Changes to Diablo Immortal squads are on the way, says lead fantasy game designer Wyatt Cheng of Blizzard in an update to the multiplayer party system. The gangs of Diablo Immortal have caused a lot of controversy among the players. Frustrated by the need for all eight members of your squad to be online at the same time for certain RPG activities, many players called for integrating the system into clans instead.

Diablo Immortal lead designer Wyatt Cheng responds to player feedback in a post on the game’s subreddit. He points out four major issues with squads—the requirement to use them for certain aspects of the game, the eight-player requirement, the value of squad rewards, and the gameplay offered by squad actions—and takes time to look at each item in turn.

First of all, these are the requirements for units in certain actions, which can hinder progress in other areas of the game. Cheng admits that “if you don’t participate in squads, it can be frustrating to find other systems that require participation in order to continue.” These include areas such as the Codex and the Hero’s Journey, which previously had stages that required units. Cheng notes that some steps have already been taken to solve this problem, and the problem is still under control.

Cheng says that the next major patch will reduce the squad raid requirement to four players rather than all eight members. This will no doubt be a welcome relief for many – the previous requirement, combined with the eight player limit for a squad, has resulted in many players constantly disbanding and reforming parties as it can be difficult to ensure that the same eight players are in networks at the same time. Cheng himself goes so far as to call this a “major pain point”.

As mentioned earlier, one of the more common audience suggestions is to introduce squad functionality to Diablo Immortal’s much larger clans. Cheng acknowledges that “if we were only looking at the game that exists today, we would most likely choose this path”, but says that future updates plan to offer some “unique gaming features that cannot be properly accommodated clans that warbands will be better.” able to use.”

This new experience, Cheng explains, will also include new reward systems aimed at focusing on smaller group activities where “each person’s contributions and personality are closer.” He says the team hopes to provide fans with “an ongoing progression system that you can advance with a sense of teamwork and collaboration in a more cohesive environment.”

Although the update promises a lot, many players still express their dissatisfaction with the squad structure. Some say that Cheng’s words indicate Blizzard’s desire to make warbands more permanent mini-groups, despite the fact that many players want them to disappear altogether – especially given the mobile nature of the game, which means that many players prefer to just jump on short sessions, not coordinate. planned group activities. Other users say they just want to play on their own and don’t want to be forced into group activities.

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