Haven’t decided to pre-order Diablo IV yet, but want to play the Diablo 4 Beta in Early Access? There is an alternative! Very tasty! Although certainly a little unhealthy. Here’s how to order a KFC Double Down Sandwich and get a Diablo 4 early access beta code.

Diablo 4 x KFC Double Down Sandwich Beta Early Access Code

How to get an early access code for Diablo 4 Beta

How To Get Diablo 4 Beta Early Access Code With KFC Double Down Sandwich

Pre-ordering a game is not a decision to be taken lightly in this day and age. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a lot of disappointment surrounding hyped games. So, while early reports from Diablo 4 alpha testers say the game is great, players are still pretty wary. However, if you’re dying to finally play Diablo 4 but don’t want to pre-order it to play the beta version a week earlier is an alternative solution.

In particular, KFC announced that it is bringing back the beloved Double Down Sandwich after an almost 10-year hiatus. The Double Down, which has sold more than 10 million sandwiches since its debut in 2010 before being withdrawn, will be available again for a limited time starting Monday, March 6, 2023. This massive sandwich combines two “extra crispy” filets, cheese, bacon and mayo. And to mark the occasion, KFC is giving away Diablo 4 Early Access beta codes in partnership with Blizzard.

So, if you’re both a fan of Diablo and this extremely unhealthy dish, here’s how to get the Diablo 4 x KFC Double Down Sandwich Beta Early Access Code:

  • Install the KFC app via Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Order KFC Double Sandwich online via kfc.com or through their mobile app.
  • When the order is fulfilled, you will receive the beta code.
  • Head to diablo.com/beta.
  • Sign in with your Battle.net account.
  • Enter your early access beta code.
  • Select your preferred platform.
  • Redeem code.