Want to know how Diablo 4 world levels work? Diablo 4 world levels are essentially difficulty settings: the higher the level, the harder the game. When you create a character for the first time, you also need to choose a world level. Diablo 4 recommends veteran fans choose World Level 2, while newcomers should stick to World Level 1, where enemies are easier to defeat.

Playing at a higher world level does have its benefits for playing against stronger enemies, including increased experience and extra gold for defeating monsters with Diablo 4 classes. It’s important to note that the first two world levels only apply from level 1 to level 50 when you reach it Diablo 4 endgame, players can access three additional levels after completing certain tasks. Here’s everything you need to know about Diablo 4 world levels.

Can you change Diablo 4 world levels?

You can change your Diablo 4 world level in the character selection screen before starting the game. If you think that world level 2 is too difficult, don’t worry, just switch it to world level 1 and you will find it easier to fight monsters.

Every Diablo 4 world level

Here are all four world levels of Diablo 4:

  • World Level 1: Adventurer
  • World Level 2: Veteran
  • World Level 3: Nightmare
  • World Level 4: Hell

World Level 1: Adventurer

Designed for levels 1 to 50, this is the easiest level in the world RPG game. Unlike the other options, the Adventurer level is the only difficulty level that nerfs the monsters in the world, making them easier to kill. If you want to run through Diablo 4 content as quickly as possible, this is the best way to do it.

World Level 2: Veteran

The veteran world level available from the start of the game is also available between levels 1-50, except the enemies are harder to kill. To balance this out, players get 20% more experience as well as 15% more gold every time they defeat monsters.

World Level 3: Nightmare

Each world level from here on out requires the player to complete the Diablo 4 campaign in addition to a specific Capstone Dungeon at the highest available world level. In the case of world level 3, you will need to complete the Cathedral of Light Capstone dungeon in Kyowashada at world level 2.

This world level is recommended for players between level 50 and 70, as enemies become more formidable, reducing the player’s resistance by 20%. Champion monsters can also cast damage resistance auras, making things worse. Fortunately, monsters now give 100% more experience and drop 15% more gold.

Helltides events can appear in Sanctuary, giving players the opportunity to obtain ash to craft legendary items. You can also get Nightmare Sigils to unlock Nightmare Dungeons, another late-game challenge. Finally, sacred and unique items may drop for the first time, giving players a chance to obtain higher level items.

World Level 4: Hell

This world level is unlocked by completing the Fallen Temple Capstone dungeon in the Northeast Dry Steppes at world level 3. Most of the changes from the previous world level are present, except that monsters can now overcome 40% more resistances. As a result, they drop 15% more gold and give 200% more experience.

You now have a chance to loot ancestral items as well as more unique items. These are some of the best items in the game – simply put, they’re the reason most hardcore players choose world level 4.

This is everything you need to know about Diablo 4 world levels. If you want to learn more about potentially one of the the best computer games ahead Diablo 4 release dateread our guides on Diablo 4 max level and combat pass to learn about what awaits you as you pass through Sanctuary.