Blizzard has outlined some accessibility features for Diablo 4and there are over 50 that cover Dexterity, Text, and Vision.

To make the game more accessible, go to the settings menu where you will find various customization options.

Diablo 4 | The Book of Lorat – Episode 2: Sanctuary

Below is a list of options highlighted by Blizzard today in a blog post on availability

Dexterity aid

  • Button reassignment
  • Skill switch and action wheel activation
  • Swap the left and right sticks
  • Permanent target lock

Text help

  • Cinematic subtitles
  • Speech to text conversion

Vision aid

  • Change the font and cursor size
  • Audio signals of game equipment
  • Illumination of players and objects
  • Screen reading program

Blizzard has said that its accessibility ambitions won’t stop there, and that the game will become more accessible every year.

More information about the above features can be found in the blog post link.

Diablo 4 will be released on June 6.