Druid is an intriguing class in Diablo 4 beta version. While players love the idea of ​​transforming into a werewolf or summoning wolves on command, this class has been proven to be not as strong as other classes. Druids can use elemental damage such as lightning, poison, and earth, but it’s difficult for players to synergize between these damage types.

If you’ve been struggling to build your Druid build in a harmonious and impactful way, then fear not, as we’ve put together an entire build for the class. However, keep in mind that the developers could easily improve the Druid and his other skills before the full game is released in June.

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Compilation of Diablo 4 Druid pumping

Our Druid build opts for a mix of defensive and AoE skills, allowing your character to deal a ton of damage at the start of a fight and then increase the damage reduction while you wait for the cooldown. Of course, we’ve chosen some skills that use the druid’s shapeshifting ability because that’s the nicest aspect of the class.

Below you can see the six skills we’ve chosen from each branch of the Druid skill tree and what improvements we’d give to the skills. They are based on the 25 levels of the Diablo 4 beta. To see each individual Druid skills availableyou can read our full guide.

The druid has access to unique animal-themed skills.
The druid has access to unique animal-themed skills.

Basic Skill: Hammer (Wild) – This will be your most frequently used attack, which you use to build spirit, which is a gauge that you can use to use other skills. Mole turns you into a werewolf and deals heavy damage to one enemy. This skill also has a reasonable chance to be a lucky hit that deals even more damage. You can also choose to upgrade Wild to have a chance to knock back enemies you hit.

Spiritual Skill: Grinding (Primary) – Pulverize is one of the best AoE skills a druid has access to. Once again, you transform into a werewolf and pound the ground in front of you, dealing damage to all enemies within its radius. It can deal a lot of damage to enemies if you’re close enough, and with the Primal buff you take 20% less damage for 4 seconds, allowing you to run away to a safer distance without dealing as much damage to enemies as you normally would.

Defense Skills: Exhausting Roar (Save) – This will be your best bet for the defensive skills the Druid has access to. You remain in werewolf form to scream at enemies, reducing their damage by 50% for 4 seconds. With the “Conservation” upgrade, you also heal yourself for 4% of your maximum health for the duration of the skill.

Companion Skills: Ravens (Luki) – We chose Ravens over Wolves for the simple fact that Ravens are more AoE oriented than Wolves. When you summon ravens, they attack the target area for 6 seconds. However, when the Ravens are not summoned, one of them still walks around attacking random enemies every 5 seconds. The Fierce upgrade makes enemies vulnerable when attacked by crows, reducing their damage reduction.

Wrath Mastery: Trample (Savage) – This is another werewolf skill, and this time players become unstoppable and charge forward, knocking down enemies in their way. Not only does this deal a lot of damage to enemies, but it’s also a great way to get out of trouble if you’re surrounded by enemies or need healing. The Savage upgrade gives you 20 extra spirit when cast, which is great if you want to follow Trample up with another skill like Pulverize.

Ultimate Skill: Grizzly Rage (Prime and Supreme) – Finally, we have Druid’s Ultimate, which should be Grizzly Rage for most builds. This skill is the ultimate werewolf skill and allows players to become a stronger version of themselves for 10 seconds, giving them 20% additional damage and 20% reduced damage. During the 10 second timer, players take an additional 3% damage every second. If you kill any enemy during Grizzly Rage, your in-form time is increased by one second. This is a formidable Ultimate that can really save you during a boss fight or other difficult situation.

Key Passive: Ursine Strength – Gain an additional 20% to max health while you are a werewolf bear and then for 3 seconds after transforming into another form. You also deal 30% extra damage while healthy (over 80% HP).


  • Predator’s Instinct – Critical hit damage on nearby enemies is increased
  • Iron Fur – Gain additional damage reduction while in Werewolf form
  • Regeneration – Gain extra healing from all sources while in Werewolf form
  • Call of the Wild – Your companions deal 10% additional damage

Druid is probably best when you transform into Werewolf, so we decided to take this build for that. We will see if the full game makes any changes for this class Diablo 4. Find all our Diablo 4 Guides in one place.

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