Diablo 4The early access beta has officially begun, but Blizzard’s servers are already struggling to keep up, and queues have already begun to form. This is the first of two Diablo 4 beta in March. This weekend’s closed beta is only available to pre-orders, pre-purchases and those who received a key through a giveaway or KFC Double Down promotion. Even with limited access it seems Diablo 4The early access beta has problems due to the wave of excitement Diablo fans


Blizzard fans are all too familiar with disappointing betas and releases from the studio. Diablo 3launch in 2012 will live forever in shame. The server issues ran into auction house bugs, all made worse by the limitations of the progression design. Whereas Blizzard has improved a lot Diablo 3 in years past, those who lived through its launch will probably always remember it. Diablo 4 by no means reached this level of disaster, but players are certainly disappointed.

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Launch at 9:00 AM PDT Diablo 4 early access beta version at first it seemed to work great. But as the servers quickly filled up, it became clear that the beta wasn’t as optimized as some had hoped. Crashes, login issues, performance optimizations, and other issues affected those who were able to start the game. But most players never made it that far, instead getting stuck in an ever-growing queue.

diablo 4 80-minute queue on PC

After the launch of the beta version, the implementation of the queue was already obvious. Early Diablo 4 logins faced queues of 1-3 minutes. That queue time has now grown to over two hours and is likely to increase. To their credit, Blizzard has acknowledged this. It warned Diablo 4 beta players that they can experience a queue throughout the weekend.

For those trying to get into Diablo 4 beta, the best advice is to stay in line. Sometimes the queue will grow over time, sometimes the queue will last longer than the time shown on the screen, but regardless of what it says, players should not leave the queue. This is a known bug. Blizzard says it should be fixed for the full open beta next weekend.

Why there are queues for Blizzard’s early access beta is unclear. It could be that Blizzard is stress testing their servers or that more players have pre-purchased (or ate KFC Double Downs) than expected. When players diverge outside open areas Diablo 4 beta, we hope the servers will allow more players. This weekend is just one of two opportunities to try Diablo 4 before launch in June. I hope Diablo fans don’t waste both betas waiting in lines.

Diablo 4 releases June 6 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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