AND Destiny 2 fish weapon created as a joke in light of the upcoming Season of the Deep is spreading, as some people believed that the fan-made gun was an actual hand cannon from Bungie that is set to appear in FPS game. This fun design element is the result of stellar graphic design work Fate 2 Fan took the hand cannon model and added the body of a fish to it, with the fish’s mouth doubling as the barrel of the weapon.

Destiny 2 season 21 With just a few weeks to go, Bungie is promoting a nautical theme that includes underwater adventures on Titan and armor sets inspired by the sea, it’s not what in many ways the riboblaster could have made it into the game as an exotic weapon.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, some players saw no big deal when Destiny Bulletin tweeted about the weapon being “leaked”.

This Destiny 2 fish blaster isn't real... but maybe it should be: Destiny Bulletin tweets a picture of a fake fish blaster dubbed Fisherman's Folly.

Its creator, named “Oracle4882,” has named the weapon Fisherman’s Folly and has buffed (see what I did there?) Guardians with a supposed bonus called “Call of the Deep.” “Precise final hits cause fighters to emit a sonar pulse, detecting enemy fighters through walls and terrain. Guardians emit a stronger impulse,” says the bonus definition. And while this perk inherently seems too powerful to be true, perhaps the excitement surrounding the fish-themed sonar blaster has gotten some people a little excited about the idea that it might actually make an appearance in the game.

However, it is clear from the font itself that the creator did not expect anyone to take the subject seriously. The fan-made creation has already garnered more than 7,000 Reddit votes in two streams.

Funny weapon also plays a role in the alleged leak that Destiny 2 may soon incorporate some form of fishing into its gameplay, though Bungie has yet to confirm or deny this.

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And while the item itself may seem a bit silly, it also ties in with Bungie’s recent efforts to incorporate more themed ideas and playful cosmetic packs, which also include collaborations with other games like Fortnite and Arknights. So while Bungie can’t promise a fish-themed blaster in the game just yet, the company may be inspired by community feedback to include something similar in the next line in multiplayer game.

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