Bungie has confirmed the winners of the Root of Nightmares World First in Destiny 2. On Twitter, the developers congratulated the Hard in the Paint (HITP) team for the achievement.

The Root of Nightmares raid was released on March 10th at 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET. HITP members streamed their raid on Twitch and completed it in about 2 hours and 24 minutes, according to a recording on the site Destiny 2 raid report site. It took Bungie a few more hours to confirm the completion was valid, leading to the aforementioned congratulatory tweet.

The next fastest HITP clearance was 2 hours 33 minutes. The Destiny 2 raid report site is still being updated, and those interested can check it out for new clear times and rankings.

Root of Nightmares is currently in competitive mode and has a power cap of 1780 to keep things fair during the world’s first race. Certain exotic weapons are also disabled in competitive mode. Competition mode usually lasts 24 hours for raids, but this extended for an additional day (48 hours total) for Root of Nightmares. For more information, visit our Root of Nightmares Contest Mode Explained.

All players who complete the Root of Nightmares raid while competitive mode is active will receive an exclusive emblem, and anyone who completes the raid before March 21st has the opportunity to purchase a Root of Nightmares themed raid jacket to wear in the real world.

Note that completing the raid by the specified date only gives you access to the jacket; you still have to shell out money to get the item. If you want it, then Root of Nightmare jacket is $150.

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