The next season of Destiny 2 will see several changes two dozen exotic armorsand this week Bungie focused on which exotic weapons are being upgraded The season of depth. The 17 weapons will receive a number of tweaks, some substantial, some incremental, and these changes will affect both legacy and newer exotics.

For example, the Graviton Lance is getting an update that will make it less loaded. In terms of performance, it will be similar to Revision Zero’s Heavy Rounds two burst mode, and the damage output is adjusted. Spin speed increased from 257 to 300, and the first shot will deal double damage if it hits a body or critical point. The second shot, where the bulk of Graviton Lance’s base damage was concentrated, will now deal approximately 30% less body and critical damage. The gun is worth getting, especially for its exotic perk and catalyst, which is great for crowd control.

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Another legacy weapon in the spotlight is Sweet Business, which is getting an interesting update. Starting in season 21, every 20th shot will produce an explosive projectile. Skyburner’s Oath is being improved to apply more burn stacks to the target, and Manticore is being changed to be more useful, mobile, and durable.

The popular Jade Rabbit scout rifle will provide more rewards for accurate hits in Season 21. Bungie says that next season Exotic will heal three shots instead of one when you land three criticals in quick succession, and added buff text to show when Fate of All Fools’ increased body hit damage is active. Starting next season, Bad Juju will be easier to control, as Bungie has revealed that the Exotic was originally set to use the recoil of an automatic rifle. It will have the recoil attributes of a pulse rifle next season.

The list has two notable nerfs targeting the Thunderlord machine gun and the Fighting Lion grenade launcher. The release of the Thunderlord Catalyst and Season 20 Machine Gun improvements made the Exotic even more powerful, but it also came with a bug that allowed lightning to strike at a higher rate than intended against Divinity bubbles, which Bungie will fix next season. As for the Fighting Lion, there was a bug where it dealt increased damage to enemies with a red bar, so that is being fixed.

You can see the full list of changes below, and in addition to the Exotic updates, next season will also see new grid elements that will showcase Exotic benefits and valuable information. Devil’s Ruin and Salvation’s Grip will get charge counters, Quicksilver Storm will get a grenade counter, The Manticore will get a perk progress counter, and several other Exotics will be passing important stats in Season 21. Aggressive SMGs — and The Immortal in particular — will also see a bit of a disruption next season.

Most importantly, Season of the Deep will also add updated overview screen for weaponsallowing you to spin your guns and admire them in all their mechanical glory.

A season of deep exotic changes in weapons

Eyes of tomorrow

  • Killing four targets with a missile volley will return one ammo.

Graviton Lance

  • RPM increased from 257 to 300 (burst delay reduced by 20%, now matches Hakke Heavy Rounds Revision Zero rate of fire).
  • Rebalanced damage per shot.
  • Increased first shot damage from:
  • Body: from 9.5 to 19.
  • Crete: from 15.7 to 31.4.
  • Reduced second shot damage from:
  • Body: 35.6-25.6.
  • Crete: from 58.7 to 42.3.

Jade rabbit

  • Added buff text showing when Fate of All Fools increases body shot damage.
  • Quickly landing three critical hits now returns three hits instead of one.


  • Catalyst damage resistance increased from level three to level four.
  • Increased movement speed while hovering.
  • Activating the Catalyst perk (via a mid-air kill or sustained damage after a mid-air kill) now partially refills the shop.

Lumin’s cap

  • Noble Rounds cap increased from five to six.


  • Damage boost now activates faster when invisible, 0.25s instead of 1s.
  • Heartshadow now debuffs after dealing any damage while the damage boost is active.

Worldline Zero

  • A heavy running attack can now be chained to you once.
  • Sword Guardian’s energy cost from each heavy sprint attack reduced from 100% to 50%.
  • 25% damage reduction from individual heavy sprint attack to compensate.

Sweet business

  • Now fires explosive projectiles every 20 shots (fewer shots at full spin).

The legend of Akria

  • The total supply of ammunition has been increased from 12 to 16.
  • The maximum range of the projectile has been increased from nine meters to 12 meters.

Tommy’s matchbox

  • The catalyst has been updated
  • While overheated, a sustained fire burns your target.
  • Applies 14+7 (with Embers of Ashes) stacks of opal every five shots.

No time to explain

  • Updated anti-barrier drone (breaks Barrier champion’s shields and penetrates combat shields).
  • Updated drone to work with Feeding Frenzy (from NTTE Catalyst).
  • This also fixed an issue where the feedback for Feeding Frenzy would always play when the player spawned and then never again.

Oath of Skyburner

  • Embers of Ashes increased burn stacks from three to five and from five to 10.

The grip of salvation

  • Reworked to have two firing modes.
  • A charged shot creates a pattern of Stasis crystals (where the number of crystals no longer depends on the charge time).
  • Uncharged shot is a normal grenade shot that deals more damage to stasis crystals and frozen targets.
  • Added a new perk that reloads the magazine from supplies when you quickly break at least 3 crystals with an uncharged shot.

Bad Juju

  • Fixed an issue that caused weapons such as automatic rifles to recoil, making them difficult to control.
  • The recoil pattern will now be similar to other pulse rifles.

Fighting Lion

  • Fixed an issue that caused this weapon to deal more damage than intended to red bar fighters.

Lord of thunder

  • Fixed an issue where hitting the Divinity bubble would count as two critical hits instead of one.

Winter bite

  • Impact damage has been removed and redistributed to detonation damage.
  • Self-damage scale has been adjusted to account for increased detonation damage.

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