Bungie is removing one of the obstacles to a full Strand experience as complaints about Lightfall continue.

In the recent blog post, Bungie revealed that it has decided to release a live update for Fate 2 which will unlock all fragments in the Strand subclass for all players. The change was in response to player backlash against the new subclass introduced in Lightfall.

Initially, some Strand pieces were supposed to be unlocked next Tuesday, while some others would require the release of the Roots of Nightmares raid, but the developer changed their plans as complaints surrounding Strand continued to mount over the past few days.

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After finishing the Lightfall campaign, most players find Strand too overwhelming because it doesn’t provide the same experience in the living world of Destiny 2. Long story short, Strand’s cooldown in campaign missions has been drastically reduced to make it powerful, but once you get through the story and will be able to use the new subclass in the universe, long cooldowns will be huge obstacles.

While Bungie still needs more feedback to balance out the core Strand options, the developer has decided to unlock all the pieces today so players can modify their Strand builds to add more options and give the developer comprehensive feedback about it. In general, most players feel that Strand is too weak against subclasses like Void and Solar.

Keep in mind that you’ll still need the Strand Meditations currency to purchase the unlocked shards, which you can get by completing all the regional activities in Neomoon or by defeating powerful bosses in the city. This opens up an opportunity for players to start a trial and error process with the new subclass before the new raid arrives.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, Strand may be needed to solve the new raid’s puzzles or defeat bosses, as Bungie mentions that unlocking Strand Fragments should ensure that “everyone has a serious raid experience next week.”

Roots of Nightmares launches on March 10th. Unlike previous raids, the competitive mode for the Lightfall raid will last 48 hours, which simply means you have more time to beat the raid at launch and earn exclusive rewards.

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