When players get to Neomuna for their first login Fate 2 latest expansion, Fall of light, they not only learn about the new Strand subclass, but also discover a bunch of new weapons found in Neomuna’s collection. There are many of these weapons Strand weapon as well as what makes them desirable for Strand builds.

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In general, since this is a destination weapon, Neomuna weapons are not incredibly crazy or powerful this season. They offer a decent choice for players jumping into the Strand or into Fate 2 for the first time, but many of them already have asses in the game that work better. Nevertheless, those who want to grow them Neomuna weapons can go to Terminal Overload public event on Neomunawhich changes location on each daily reset along with the weapon most likely to drop.


8 Fusion Rifle Iterative Loop

Destiny 2 Iterative Fusion Rifle

At the bottom of the list is a somewhat neglected weapon archetype from Season of the Lost: thermonuclear rifles. Iterative cycle is an Arc fusion rifle, and while fusion still provides decent burst damage, they don’t have much of a place in endgame PVE, except for the Chill Clip Stasis variety. In PVP they can be used depending on rolls.

Under Pressure, Graver Robber, and Lead From Gold are the more interesting perks in the first column, while in the second column players should try to get Voltshot, Demolitionist, Gugilist, or Adrenaline Junkie. For Arc builds, this can be a fun little pick-me-up, but nothing mandatory.

7 Round Robin Hand Cannon

Round Robin Destiny 2 Hand Cannon

Hand Cannons are another archetype that needs serious help in both PVE and PVP. The only reason this hand cannon is from the Strand, Krugova, is superior to the Arc fusion rifle due to its Strand specialty. The weapon thread is in high demand right now, so any pickup will do for those who haven’t bought a Quicksilver Storm and upgraded it to Catalyst yet.

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Among the interesting benefits in the first column are “Stay away” and “Livelihoods”. In the second column, Hatchling or Golden Tricorn are amazing for PVE, and Kill Clip is not that interesting because of last year’s nerfs. For old school players who still rely on the good old hand cannons, this is a cool Strand weapon to add to your arsenal.

6 Philotactic Spiral Pulse Rifle

Destiny 2 Philotactic Spiral Pulse Rifle

Neomuna’s Arc Pulse Rifle is a pulse rifle that deals heavy damage but is slow to fire, and demonstrates why pulse rifles are only third or fourth best when it comes to primary weapons in PVE. Phylotactic spiral just seems too slow to be really useful, but it is decent arc pulse for players who want something with a little more damage.

In the first column, the perks to look out for are Keep Away or Tunnel Vision, both of which are very average perks overall and show that the bonus pool is generally uninspiring. In the second column, things get a little more spicy with Voltshot, Frenzy or even Headseeker. Kill Clip is also an option, but still not the best for PVE specifically.

5 Volta Bracket Sniper Rifle

Destiny 2 Volta Bracket Sniper Rifle

Sniper rifles are in a strange place now. They are definitely on the verge of having more potential, so it would be wise to keep a few good sniper rifles for Fate 2 next year as the goal continues to evolve. Volt bracket also interesting in that it’s Strand’s weapon and for a sniper it has some classic sniper god combos.

In the first column, Triple Tap, Envious Assassin, and Keep Away work great with long-range, high-precision weapons like this. In the second column, choices can go from an explosive payload or a line of fire to even a cub for those spicy Strand images.

4 Basso Ostinato Rifle

Destiny 2 Basso Ostinato Rifle

Shotguns are still a favorite of many players, even if they struggle a bit in the meta right now. The Basso Ostinato shotgun by Neomuna is a Void shotgun that has some solid PVE perks that are generally considered to be some of the best available for shotguns. That said, it’s a rapid-fire frame rifle that may not be to everyone’s liking.

Look for Envious Assassin and Lead From Gold in the first perk column, and for the second be sure to pick Destabilizing Rounds for that flying effect or One-Two Punch for any cool melee builds that take full advantage of the perk.

3 Oversized hypotrochoid heavy grenade launcher

Destiny 2D hypotrochoid grenade launcher

Heavy grenade launchers are doing well this season, with the Regnant seasonal weapon is making waves in the community with its amazing pool of bonuses and stats. Neomuna heavy grenade launcher Volumetric hypotrochoid with Stasis energy, however, is a bit weaker compared to some of the other Legendary options available.

Regardless, this is a nice pickup from Neomuna that doesn’t stand out from the hype. Envious Assassin and Field Prep options are great in the first column (and Stats for All, maybe). The second column has Chain Reaction as the classic grenade launcher perk, with One for All or Vorpal as mid-range backup perks.

2 Circular logic machine gun

Destiny 2 Circular Puzzle Machine Gun

Machine guns is definitely in a better position now than it was over a year ago as Bungie is constantly improving their damage. Circular logicthe new Neomuna Strand Machine Gun is a key example of this with a ton of great perks that make it incredible for Strand builds focused on ad clear.

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Feeding Frenzy and Envious Assassin work well in the first column, while the second column only contains good perks: Cub, Target Lock, Detonator, Golden Tricorn, Vorpal Weapon, and Eye of the Storm. Only the last perk can be considered weak or unnecessary for this weapon.

1 SMG Synchronous Roulette

Destiny 2 Snychronic Roulette SMG

SMGs are the kings of primary weapons in PVE as far back as season 20, it’s not surprising to see Synchronous roulette at the top of this list. It’s not just an SMG, it’s also a Strand SMG, and with the Strand being one of the best subclasses this season for almost any content, players should be chasing this weapon.

For an SMG, this has its drawbacks. Reload can be sluggish and the magazine is a bit small. The first column of bonuses isn’t incredible in its options either, with Envious Assassin looking like one of the strongest options if that SMG is paired with an energy or ad-oriented heavy. A must-have secondary perk is Hatchling, which pairs well with any Strand assembly there.

Destiny 2: Lightfall available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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