Interesting how to defeat Kalus boss in Destiny 2 Lightfall? You are not alone. New players and seasoned Guardians alike struggle with the Witness’s crazed disciple, as it requires a fair amount of skill and agility regardless of whether you’re playing on Normal or Legendary difficulty. Fortunately, we can tell you exactly how to beat him. We’ll break down the two stages of combat with tips and tactics for each, as well as recommendations for your weapons and build.

The fight against Kalyus in Fate 2 Skyfall requires strong movement skills, powerful weapons and a bit of luck. However, regardless of your skill level, you can take down the disgraced emperor with a few daring moves using Destiny 2 Strand subclass in FPS game. Here’s what to do.

How to beat Calus boss in Destiny 2 Lightfall

The design of the Kalus boss fight clearly encourages you to use the Strand, as there are plenty of places to fight around the arena. During this battle, use cover and grab abilities that allow you to quickly change position to attack from new angles and, importantly, avoid damage. You can also use the platforms at the edge of the arena to your advantage.

Like many bosses in Destiny 2, Kalus has two distinct phases, the first of which has an immunity mechanism. You’ll need to interact with this mechanic to make him vulnerable to damage, but even when you deplete his first full bar of health, he’ll gain another one and continue the fight, this time with a few new moves.

How to Defeat Kalus in Destiny 2 Lightfall: The Guardian engages Kalus in Lightfall.

Calus boss fight, first phase

In both Kalus phases, you’ll have to manage hordes of weaker enemies (called “adds”) while dealing damage to the boss. We suggest you pack a useful augment clearing tool like an SMG or Witherhoard Grenade Launcher if you can spare your exotic, as well as something to deal single target damage. Gjallarhorn is handy with its fire and oblivion ability, and the splash damage can wipe out some adds while taking out Calus. A powerful exotic machine gun, the Thunderlord, can also fill both roles in a pinch, though you run the risk of being hit by Kalus fire while firing, and ammo can become an issue. If you’re ever overwhelmed with apps, use the Strand to reposition them and drop a grenade or missile on them as you move.

During the first phase of the fight, Kalus will occasionally fire homing fireballs at you. Its behavior is essentially that of a large Enchanted Centurion, so you can fight as if that’s what you’re facing. When you deal enough damage to him, Tormentors will appear and protect him from damage until you kill them. Knock them down and it will remove his shield so you can continue to damage him.

How to beat Kalus in Destiny 2 Lightfall: Kalus with swords for melee attacks in the Lightfall campaign.

Kalus boss fight, second phase

Once you melt Kalus’ first health bar, you might think the battle is over, but – as is often the case in Destiny – that’s just a red herring. Kalus will reappear at full health, but now he will rush after you with his sword, exhibiting similar behavior to the Cabal Gladiator. His melee attacks are extremely powerful and you should avoid them at all costs. Again, Strand grapples are your friend. He’ll occasionally put up a shield to protect himself, but that won’t make him invulnerable – powerful weapons will counter him, so focus on staying alive, being mobile, and dealing as much damage as possible.

If you can survive long enough and kill Kalus before he kills you, you will complete the battle and unlock the end of the Lightfall campaign. Congratulations! Here’s YouTuber ZaFrostPet doing it all solo:

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Destiny 2 Calus lore

Formerly the decadent emperor of the Cabal, Kallus was deposed by his far more ascetic adopted son, Gaul, and sent into exile on the Leviathan, a colossal living spaceship. The Leviathan flew to the edge of the galaxy, where Calus first encountered the Black Fleet—and the Witness—in deep space. An old enemy of the Light, we first met Calus during the Leviathan raid in Destiny 2’s base game, where we killed his robotic likeness. The Vanguard has since joined forces with his daughter, Empress Kayatl, and the Cabal, who remains loyal to her. Kayatl realizes the futility of further conflict with humanity when there are so many greater threats common to both species, and she also recognizes that, as the chief disciple and herald of the Witness, her insane father is among them.

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