The launch of Lightfall was huge for Fate 2installation a a new record for simultaneous players on Steam, but it was not without problems. Bungie Support has posted a thread of all known Lightfall launch issues, with some features temporarily disabled while the bug is investigated.

Fortunately, the problems identified by Bungie are not serious. The support team warns that some players are reporting a crash when they go to the Praise page in the Travel tab, and recommends that players avoid this page until the issue is resolved.

Temporarily disabled content has removed the Jötunn Exotic Fused Rifle from all Crucible modes, and the melee Arc Hunter’s Disorienting Blow has also been temporarily removed.

Some Xbox Series X|S users are also reportedly having trouble logging into Destiny 2 after the update. Bungie outlined a a series of steps this should serve as a workaround for this issue. Some PC players are also reportedly having issues logging into Steam.

To stay up-to-date on bugs that Bungie is currently working on fixing, you can take a look known issues here. The developer also asked players to continue to report any other issues they may have encountered with Lightfall in Destiny 2 Help forum.

Here are all the issues identified by Bungie at the time of writing:

  • Due to an issue, we disabled the Jötunn Exotic rifle in all Crucible modes.
  • Due to an issue, we’ve temporarily disabled Arc Hunter’s Disorienting Melee Blow.
  • Some players are experiencing crashes when they go to the Commendations page in the Journeys tab. It is recommended that you do not view this screen until the patch is deployed.
  • The guardian rank quest “Legendary Lost Sectors in single player” can be completed with both main and legendary lost sectors.
  • Veteran players starting Lightfall at Guardian rank 6 will not receive Vanguard Lore Books 1-6 and will only receive Vanguard Lore Book 7.
  • Seasonal Guardian rank reset text is incorrect. Guardian ranks 7 through 11 are the highest ranks, and players at these ranks will reset to rank 6 at the end of the season.
  • “Ascendant Scepter Mods” from Season of Defiance cannot be completed.
  • Warlock Swarmers Exotic Legs do not create strands when a tangle is cast if the player has a Strand Shackle grenade.
  • The Protected Enemies activity modifier displays a placeholder icon.
  • The Quicksilver Storm Exotic Assault Rifle and the Touch of Malice Exotic Scout Rifle have lost their 40% increased damage against red banded enemies.

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