Fri. Dec 2nd, 2022

The Destiny 2 Eliksni Quarter event theory suggests that the Spider embezzles money through a charity initiative, capitalizing on players’ goodwill for personal gain.

While there is still no hard evidence of such theft in the space game, the circumstantial evidence, combined with the Spider’s ruthless approach to business dealings, indicates that the fan theory may have some basis.

After reaching the goal of completing the 400 million donation community event, fans began to notice that the improvements in the Eliksni neighborhood didn’t seem to justify the expense. The funds helped improve the area, but the stairs, plants, and minor repairs did not impress players with 400 million treasure improvements.

The Spider is not an enemy of the Vanguard, although his deeds often lead him to close behind-the-scenes deals and work alongside known criminals. In the game, he is depicted as a ruthless businessman who has no problem breaking rules to achieve personal goals. Even from the start, it looks like Spider will lead the fundraising effort.

For example, at the start of the Season of Plunder, the Spider obtains a Glimmer from the Vanguard to supply and arm the Guardian, but is still trying to get a share through his “engram roulette”. This action causes the Guardian to choose one of three prizes, and the Spider uses a static silencer to make the Guardian choose useless equipment at least occasionally. Although the Guardian’s Eliksni ally Eido eventually disables the Spider’s scanner, it remains clear that the Spider’s intentions are not always pure.

Also, in the past, Spider’s brother has criticized the criminal mastermind for ties to humanity. Now, even in the current season, Spider is skeptical about his alliance with humans.

While there is no evidence of Spider’s underhanded machinations, embezzlement remains within the realm of possibility. Even Reddit users supported this theory by posting a poster saying that the event exposed the extent of corruption in the Last City.

The repair effort has also inspired Twitter posts and memes, such as one from KackhisHD which suggests The spider counts the stolen money somewhere and a tweet from D1 Alpha Vet asking about jail time.

Many players shared that they were not impressed with the community event, possibly due in part to the Eliksni Quarter Donation Fund exploit that allowed players to donate an infinite amount of treasure to the community fund.

With Spider in charge of landscaping the Eliksni neighborhood, he could try to get his hands on the donation pot. However, if Mizraax found out that the Spider had done this, the Spider would surely be kicked out of the Last City, which would be a major problem for the black market entrepreneur.

Unfortunately, Guardians will have to wait until the Destiny 2 Season 19 release date, or possibly even the Destiny 2 Lightfall release date, to determine if the Spider may have embezzled funds during the event. While he has proven to be a valuable ally to the humans, he is not without flaws, and his greed may cost him his comfortable spot in the Eliksni Quarter.