Bungie has officially announced the full selection of Artifact mods available to players in the Fate 2soon The season of depth, including newer tools to combat the game’s infamous Champion enemies. While not as deadly as the recently introduced Tormentors, the Champions are still a serious threat to any Guardians trying to test themselves against Fate 2ambitious endgame encounters.

From the Shadowkeep era Fate 2, seasonal artifacts and accompanying artifact mods have become staples of the game, often forming the basis of seasonal builds and the goal of gameplay. Artifact mods usually imbue existing abilities with new benefits or increase the capabilities of a weapon class, but mods like Particle Deconstruction have changed Fate 2PvE landscape in unprecedented ways. These artifact mods often fall into the categories of subclass-focused mods, ability-focused mods, weapon class-based mods, etc., with Anti-Champion mods being the most sought after. Even though Lightfall introduced Anti-Champion options as part of subclass verbs, these weapon-specific artifact mods are still the most reliable way to stop champions dead in their tracks.


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In the last TWAB with The season of defiance, Bungie has officially announced the full set of Artifact mods that players will receive, with the Arc and Void Light subclasses getting a heavy emphasis along with Strand as the highlight of the expansion. In the 21st season Fate 2, Anti-Champion options include Anti-Barrier Auto Rifles, Unstoppable Glaives and Hand Cannons, Overload Scout Rifles and Trace Rifles, as well as regular subclass verbs that passively grant opportunities to impede the champion. Notably, the Deeper Origins Artifact mod will receive weapons from Defiant Battlegrounds Season 20, the Root of Nightmares raid, and weapons from Neomuna, as well as a brand new source.

Destiny 2 Overload Champion

The mods listed in TWAB detail how different subclasses will benefit each other by staying close to them, mainly thanks to the Squad Goals mod, which will grant subclass bonuses to nearby allies after successfully killing a finisher. Other mods include specific Void armor mods that will encourage players to use Void Breaches, while mods for specific Arcs will allow players to focus on the boost effect to gain additional benefits. In combination with a list of changes that are planned for several Fate 2Exotic armor and weapons in The season of depthplayers will have complete new powerful builds and revisit old builds that function differently.

TWAB tells more about other changes Fate 2next season, including a visual reconstruction of enemy battle shields, much to the dismay of many in the community. as The season of depth closer to release, players can be sure that the developers will release more information regarding any further changes and updates to the game.

Fate 2 currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Bungie