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Do you have a green thumb? Are you looking for a board game experience that is as enjoyable as relaxing? Well, look no further Deliciously. This flip and write crafty game lets you create your own wonderful garden by growing fruits and vegetables in any container you can find! From wheelbarrows to boots and suitcases, the possibilities are endless for the novice gardener. Let’s take a closer look at this great game.

There is something magical about playing board games in the middle of gardens, landscapes and majestic nature! After graduation Herbaceous and Floriferous, Pencil First Games has done it again, creating a fun and relaxing game that can be played with family and friends or on your own.

Gameplay Overview:

Delicious is an easy-to-learn game with simple rules that can be explained in less than five minutes. Each player starts with their garden and game sheets, which contain different containers with different scoring rules. The goal of the game is simple; be the first player to score enough points by drawing fruits and vegetables on your garden field.

A delicious setup
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In Delicious, players fill their gardens with fruits and vegetables based on cards and tokens discovered in the community. During each round, players simultaneously draw these plants on their garden sheets. Choose your containers and plant fruits and vegetables to earn the most points.

Most containers contain rows of boxes, and each box will be used to paint a vegetable. All vegetables must be the same in two containers; on the other two they must be different, and the two containers have rows for different pairs of vegetables. Finally, one large container is for your fruit, which should have the appropriate symbol.

Each round involves turning over two vegetable cards (one for each deck) and placing a fruit or tool token on each card. Each player chooses one or both cards, their tokens, and the places where the vegetables will be distributed according to the rules of the container. You draw your gardening and playing cards using cards and tokens to get different combinations of fruits and vegetables.

A community offering is a shared pool of cards. However, players place cards and tokens in different containers in their gardens, resulting in different combinations of points. Each garden is unique with bonus tools and special powers.

After twelve rounds, the player with the most points and the tastiest garden wins!

Tasty gameplay
Great gameplay – finale

Game experience:

The best way to describe Delicious is as Zen solitaire. Solving the mini-puzzle of where to place the vegetables and fruits and then drawing them on the garden sheet is calming and meditative. The gardening theme works wonders in making it easy to get into the flow.

The production values ​​in this game are truly outstanding. Cards, tokens, garden sheets, one-pieces and great artwork go a long way towards creating your garden. One slight downside is that the game sheets are not reusable; if you play the game a lot with many friends, the sheets can run out quickly. Fortunately, Pencil First Games offer free PDF downloads of the protocols on their website.

Delicious postcards
Delicious postcards

Uncertainty plays a significant role in how the game unfolds, as cards and tokens are revealed once per turn at random. A lucky round can fit your plans perfectly, and an unlucky one can get in your way. However, there’s a nice balance between strategy and the game’s designed uncertainty, which adds an incredible “Delicious flavor” that makes it spicy rather than frustrating.

The game is low difficulty and easy to set up, but has some downtime. Each turn, players spend some time playing and drawing. With everyone playing at the same time, downtime isn’t an issue and the time spent on each turn is surprisingly enjoyable. It’s a simple game, however, with some level of strategy and luck involved. The formula works great, creating a great, relaxing and fun game. This is a great placeholder game to introduce newbies to roll & write, which reminds me a lot of Railroad inkwhich is one of my favorite games.

Delicious pages
Player letters

However, Delicious has little interaction with players. Each player can make their own selection from a shared pool of cards and tokens in the “community garden”. The main way a player influences others is by filling containers first, which can guarantee extra points at the end of the game. However, Delicious is mostly a solitaire game designed for as many players as you like.

Despite its simple set of rules and casual nature, Delicious offers great replay value. Each game only takes about 20 minutes, so it’s perfect for playing multiple times in a row without getting bored or tired, making it perfect for family get-togethers or game nights with friends. Plus, with 30 vegetable cards and 30 fruit and tool tokens, you have plenty of variety when designing your gardens. You will always have fun combinations and challenge yourself in a new way every time.

Final thoughts:

Deliciously is a crafty flip-and-write board game that promises hours of fun for family and friends! Its easy-to-learn rules make it an affordable choice for those who want to try something new or just spend time alone. Once you play Delicious, you’ll want more because its addictive gameplay keeps players coming back again and again! So grab your pencils, gather your friends around the table and get ready for some delicious food Deliciously!

Final score: 3 Stars – Delicious is a fun twist on the classic flip and write, flip and write games that can keep gamers entertained for hours. With beautiful graphics and soothing game mechanics, this game will make a great addition to any board gamer’s collection, especially those who enjoy gardening or the outdoors.

3 starshits:
• Relaxing, soothing and wonderful.
• A great placeholder game to play with family and friends or on your own.
• A nice twist on the roll & write genre.

• Great for casual players, but may require more difficulty for advanced players.
• Replay value may be limited for experienced players.
• Single-use game sheets can run out quickly.

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