Someone is using a certain filming technique to give the Dead Space remake an isometric look, making the game look like a miniature world.

Even though the over-the-shoulder view is all the rage right now when it comes to scary games, someone gave a remake Deadspot a more isometric perspective that gives the game a completely different feel. While the OG 2008 release went as one of the most famous horror films of the 2000shelping to revive the genre at a time when it was going through an identity crisis, the recent remake Deadspot more than proved its worth, almost bettering Visceral Games’ original.


EA Motive’s updated iteration of the beloved horror game has not only received rave reviews from fans and critics alike, but has also caught the attention of the speedrunning community. Recently, the player succeeded to complete Deadspot remake in less than two hours, setting a new world record. This is impressive not only because casual playthrough takes about 12-13 hours to get to the end credits, but also because it shows that some people can be desensitized to horror.

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Another thing that can reduce the fear factor in a game like this Deadspot this is the camera angle. As spotted by DSO Gaming, YouTube channel Flurdeh released a clip showing the game from a different perspective. Using a technique known as tilt-shifting, they managed to give the game a more isometric look, making it seem like Isaac Clarke and the surrounding environment is actually a miniature world. It still maintains the depressing atmosphere and overall visuals, but this change in perspective makes the scary remake almost magical.

It’s also not the first time Flurde has done something like this. Last year, the channel also posted a video that showed that Elden Ring will look like from this isometric perspective. Again, this really changes the feel of the game, making everything seem tiny and less threatening. It should be noted that these videos are only concepts using the tilt angle technique and do not appear to represent any mods that are available or in the works. According to the channel itself, the goal is to see “the scenery and worlds of video games from a completely different point of view.”

With the new version Deadspotas well as remakes Resident evil 4 and Silent Hill 2not to mention new entries in Experience and Layers of fear franchises, there are there’s a lot going on in horror games right now. Many would agree that the genre has been experiencing a kind of renaissance in the last few years.

Deadspot now available on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: DSO Gaming