If you can’t get enough Rachel Weisz after movies like Mummy and The Whistlebloweryou’re in luck because the actress will be playing a pair of twins in the upcoming Prime Video series, Dead calls. The exhibition is based David Cronenberg1988 film of the same name about two brothers (Jeremy Irons) gynecologists. In the film, one of the twins enjoys romantic relationships with his patients, while the other is shy and introverted; when both are interested in the same patient (Genevieve Bujold), all hell breaks loose as a woman feels manipulated by two doctors.

In a new clip for the series, twins Elliot and Beverly, played by Weisz, can be seen having a discussion at a dinner party. Interestingly, the characters’ names were not changed to adapt to television, even though the twins themselves were re-gendered. In the hotel, the brothers talk about the future of their professions and what they can do together. Beverly suggests opening a specialty clinic so the couple can help deliver babies on their own terms, while Elliot begins teasing his sister about the concept. As their conversation continued, an unsuspecting diner patron noted that the sisters had identical faces.


Cronenberg will serve as executive producer for the adaptation, then controversial filmmaker He directed the original film in 1988. During its development, Robert De Niro turned down the roles of Elliot and Beverly after she felt uncomfortable playing the film’s premise and gynecologist. Another actor considered for the role of the twins was deceased William HortUntil Irons was eventually cast in a psychological thriller. Dead calls It won several awards at the 1989 Genie Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director for Cronenberg, and Best Actor for Iron Man.

Rachel Weisz
Image via Prime Video

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Who else is on Prime Video? Dead calls?

Speaking of the cast, you can expect to see Weisz in the upcoming adaptation, the series has a cast. Michael Chernus, Poppy Liu and Britney Oldford as a regular series. In another capacity, Jeremy Shamos, Jennifer Ehle and Emily Mead assigned to the project as recurring roles. the production company behind films like Annapurna Hustlers and Booksmartwas responsible for creating the show in partnership with Prime Video, reliving the disturbing story of the twins.

You can watch the clip Dead calls Ahead of the series premiere on April 21 on Prime Video: