David Moyes He believes that due to the demands of modern management, the idea of ​​managers working in one club for several years may be a thing of the past.

The West Ham boss was at the helm of Everton between 2002 and 2013, with his second stint at the helm of London Stadium twice, starting in December 2019.

The Hammers set out to face Tottenham. Premier League It’s Sunday and the Spurs will be without a manager. Antonio Conte while recovering from gallbladder surgery.

The 53-year-old was on the touchline for his team’s defeat at AC Milan on Tuesday, but will now stay in his home country until he fully recovers after his post-surgery checkup.

Moyes believes there are few opportunities for managers to take a break in the current football calendar, casting doubts on the kind of longevity the bosses have at Everton.

“We’re taking an international break and it wouldn’t be wrong for a manager to go and take a week off, you can understand that because it’s a chance to take a break and you may not have many other opportunities,” said the Hammers boss.

“You can imagine it when you hear us say we have to walk away at the end of the season because when you sign up for the job we come back on July 1 and then don’t finish until May 28.

“Hopefully our season doesn’t end until June 7th because that means we’re in the final of the European Conference League. If that were the case, we’ve moved from July 1st to June 7th, and you’re asking a manager to go through the whole process without missing a single day.

“Of course we take a day off here here but ultimately you work every weekend, if you’re away from home you’re in a hotel on the second weekend so you’re seeing the pressures of modern management.

David Moyes saw West Ham beat Derby in the FA Cup (Mike Egerton/PA).

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“I worked at a club for 11 years but I’m not sure that managers can do long, long assignments at clubs because there are bigger stress and health issues. But with the number of games and schedules it is not easy to play later in the European games.

“Look, we’ve had three years with almost no break. I think this summer will be no different. I know we are preparing a tour here, we should be back on July 1st.”

West Ham have been struggling on the wrong side of the Premier League this season but have started to turn things around after a three-game undefeated streak.

Back-to-back draws followed at high-flying Newcastle and last Saturday’s home Chelsea after an important win against Everton, and they will hope the trend continues against Tottenham.