until darren He insisted that he was ‘not going anywhere’, though. UFC It grants Liverpudlian a release from his squad.

Until he was 30, he last fought in December, losing by points to Dricus Du Plessis, his fifth defeat in his last six fights.

Automated Twitter account UFC Roster Watch tweeted “Fighter removed: Darren Till” on Tuesday (February 28th), sparking speculation that the middleweight was cut.

But Till took to Twitter on Wednesday, March 1 to clarify the matter, writing: “Everybody what’s going on, Ben, Dana (White, UFC president) and Hunter (Campbell, UFC vice president and CBO) are still fine. f** * aspect.

“I asked the UFC to (just) rank (do) other things for the predictable (future) for me. They happily agreed to kick me out of the contract, which I appreciate.

“I’m not going anywhere, I have big plans to fulfill and I’ll be back.”

He lost to Tyron Woodley by surrendering to take his first defeat in mixed martial arts until he challenged for the UFC welterweight title in 2018.

Liverpudlian was then eliminated in London by Jorge Masvidal and then came back with a one-point win over Kelvin Gastelum in the middleweight division.

Since that victory in November 2019, Till has lost three games in a row and are short of points on both sides of Derek Brunson’s surrender defeat against Robert Whittaker and Du Plessi.

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