This awesome new 1/6 scale figure features two hand-painted head sculpts for Matt Murdock, a Charlie Cox lookalike.

It’s been a great time to be a Matt Murdoch fan. In particular, a fan Charlie Cox’s character as he makes his exciting return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From the looks of it Spider-Man: No Way Home with the Los Angeles scene as Peter’s lawyer She-Hulk: LawyerCox Daredevil Returned to the MCU and fans loved it.

And now you can own a piece of Daredevil! Well, sort of – Hot Toys/Sideshow has released a new figure for the beloved Hell’s Kitchen superhero, and he’s wearing his new costume, designed for him and debuting this year. She-Hulk. Yes, this Daredevil costume. So if you like watching Kox flirt Tatiana MaslanyJennifer Walters, then this is the number for you! And come on, having a Cox-like figure in your home is just a win-win situation!

It’s not just Matt Murdoch’s embarrassing looks, but the figure itself packs some cool features. He has “two new, hand-painted head sculpts, one with a wraparound head and one with a portrait of Matt Murdoch. This figure has over 30 points of articulation and comes with a variety of hands, allowing for a wide range of poses Daredevil He wears an expertly tailored, screen-specific costume in orange, burgundy, and gray colors and a thigh holster for his Billy Club. Weapons include a pair of Billy Clubs, an extended Billy Club, and a nunchaku Billy Club. The image also features Matt Comes with Murdoch sunglasses and a themed base.

Image via Disney+

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Whether you’ve seen Matt Murdock play the Kingpin in the Netflix series or are just becoming a fan of the character, this is the perfect figure to celebrate our favorite Catholic boy. Matt Murdock is always such a sad character that you can’t help but love. And now you can look at this Daredevil Hot Toys figure and remember how much you love him. And when he spent the night at Jennifer’s and had to wear his Daredevil costume to get home in the middle of the morning because he didn’t change clothes.

Daredevil 1/6 scale figure available for pre-order now A side show and it’s perfect for any collector – a great piece to add to your shelf if you haven’t stopped thinking about Matt Murdoch and Jennifer Walters either. Check out some of the pictures below.