Veal White confirmed it Conor McGregor swapped two contestants Ultimate Fighter with their acquaintances – A report McGregor has previously denied.

McGregor is filming a new season of the show. UFC‘s reality television show while coaching a team of fighters Michael Chandler trains the opposing team. McGregor, 34 and Chandler, 36, will fight each other later this year.

Reports in February suggested that the Irishman McGregor had replaced two members of his team with ‘his own men’. a claim denied by the former double weight champion. “Not true,” McGregor tweeted at the time. “I only know 1 guy on this show and he put himself forward (…) I didn’t ask for or demand anything! And I certainly didn’t take people out.

But UFC president White has now contradicted McGregor and confirmed the initial reports.

talk over Pat McAfee ShowWhite said on Thursday, March 9: “The problem is that if you call us a league – if you have a league like ours – you have to give 850[people]when you start giving to someone. “Why is he doing that and I’m not doing that?”

“And I do that sometimes. This happened recently, where Conor McGregor will be coaching this season. Ultimate Fighter. He’s like: ‘Yeah, I will, but I’m going to bring in the two guys I want to get into the show.’

“Then, of course the damn media (he says), ‘Oh, that’s not fair and what happened to those guys?’ Shut your mouth.

“So we’ll take care of the guys who weren’t there, and that’s what Conor wants, we’ll give it to him.”

No date, location or weight class has yet been confirmed for McGregor and Chandler, but White insisted the fight would continue.

“We’re still working on this and figuring it out,” White said. “There is still a lot of work to be done for the Conor fight.

Michael Chandler (left) with Conor McGregor (right) on set of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’


“They’re going to fight. ‘When’ is not guaranteed – when, what weight class, what are these guys doing? Conor is shooting this season Ultimate Fighter With Chandler, but Conor’s still coming back from that tibia fracture. There are still many questions and ifs and we don’t have answers yet.

White was referring to the broken leg McGregor suffered during his last fight, when he lost TKO to Dustin Poirier in July 2021.

Chandler also lost to Poirier on his last outing in November, when he was presented by his American friend.

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