He previously directed the season 1 episode ‘Diwali’.

Cynthia Nixon returned to the director’s chair for And just like that… Season 2. The actor played the role of Miranda Hobbs during the original series Sex and the City and makes great use of his understanding of the characters in directing the sequels and episodes of the series. The show is at a new stage in the lives of Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte. Turning the original series on its head, the sequel killed off Mr. Big in the first episode, and throughout the first season Miranda was shown to be the odd one out among other character revelations.

Nixon announced the move in a new Instagram post that read, “Double duty for #AndJustLikeThat. I am very happy to return to the director’s chair in season 2.” The image shows him wearing a gray t-shirt that says “New York State of Mind” and is surrounded by several other artists in the background. He previously directed Season 1 Episode 6 titled “Diwali”, which took the story forward in many meaningful ways. Although the actor has directed some plays in the past, directing a film was a completely new experience for him. When talking about his experience he revealed, “I wasn’t ready for everyone’s support. I thought they would be playful and strong-willed, but they were almost like my parents,” she said.

What to expect And just like that… Season 2

While details about Season 2 are under wraps, the series has surprised fans by teasing some new elements in the upcoming season. For starters, after dealing with Big’s death in season one, as HBO revealed, love is knocking at Carrie’s door again. New images teasing Aidan’s arrival (John Corbett) in the series. The images show the beautiful image of two people in love on the streets of Manhattan. Some plot twists we can definitely look forward to next season include Miranda moving to Los Angeles with Che. Charlotte is seen navigating her home life with her teenage daughters.

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Along with Nixon And just like that… bring it back Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw, Christine Davis Charlotte York as Goldenblatt, Mario Canton as Anthony Marentino, David Eigenberg as Steve Brady, Evan Handler As Harry Goldenblatt and introduced Sarah Ramirez Che Diaz and Sarita Choudhury like Seema Patel among others.

All episodes And just like that… Season 1 is available on HBO Max. You can see Nixon’s post below: