The pokemon and the Original Stitch shirt collaboration is coming to an end, and fans won’t have long to buy the shirts before it’s gone. This news may come as a surprise to fans as pokemon collaboration has been quite popular in the past.

pokemon The Original Stitch shirts debuted back in 2019, and since then the company has been gradually adding more Pokemon and designs for fans. The collaboration allowed fans to create T-shirts by choosing materials and custom details Pokeball buttons, with fabrics available for all of the original 151 Pokemon, as well as many more from later games. In addition to shirts, the company also offered items such as kitchen aprons and masks over time, often using scraps of fabric from other creations. While the products weren’t cheap, it was a unique opportunity for fans to show off their love for one or more of their favorite Pokemon with a custom shirt.


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Unfortunately, that all comes to an end as the collaboration between The Pokemon Company and Original Stitch ends. However, this is not related to the problem between the two entities. Instead, Original Stitch itself is shutting down, meaning that all of its products will no longer be sold. Fans must place their order with the company by 7:00 PM PT on June 11, 2023. However, as soon as possible to make a purchase, as popular Pokemon fabrics most likely, will sell out in a short time. At the time of this writing, the website is overloaded with enough visitors that access is not possible.

pokemon Fans may not be the only ones sad to see the company go, as it offers other collections featuring pop culture icons as diverse as The Beatles and old anime One piece.

Fans who managed to purchase the shirt should be aware that the service will offer a two-week replacement or repair period after the store closes. After that moment, the company will be completely closed. There were myriads pokemon products have been available for years, including some higher-end options for older fans or those looking for a refined choice. However, being able to choose a custom design is an unusual option, and since most fans have a favorite Pokemon or two from the generations they played, it’s no surprise that pokemon The shirt service has been successful for the past few years.

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