Curse of Strahd a very popular running adventure Dungeons and Dragons. If you want to run it for the first time or for the fiftieth time, you can ask for help to make it a little more. Here Curse of the Strahd Companion by Wyatt Trull will come. This companion is intended to help better organize the various aspects of the campaign, and a ninth chapter on the Tsolenka Pass has recently been published. Inside you’ll find all the stat blocks, quick and easy organization of magic item descriptions, notes and suggestions for the DM about the area, and more. It’s definitely something to at least consider if you’re running a campaign. I agree with the organization Curse of Strahd could be better and Curse of the Strahd Companion seems to help with this and more.

The Curse of Strahd Companion is your complete guide to running 5th Edition’s biggest and most terrifying campaign. The companion contains every chapter of The Curse of Strahd, and as the climax of the campaign, Wyatt Trull’s mithral-best-selling module “The Wedding at Ravenloft” is included.

You can shop Curse of Strahd’s Companion 9: Tsolenka Pass (affiliate link) for $2.95 from DMs Guild.