Crypt Of the NecroDancer The developers of Brace Yourself Games have laid off about half of their staff. Employees began tweeting about the cuts yesterday, and Brace Yourself Games later confirmed the decision to “lay off some” staff. According to LinkedIn, the studio had about 43 employees before the layoffs.

“Yesterday, senior management at Brace Yourself Games made the incredibly difficult decision to lay off some of the company’s staff,” Brace Yourself Games. told PC Gamer. “This decision was not easy, as we deeply value our talented and dedicated employees.

“As part of our commitment to our employees, we are providing severance packages and support services to help those affected by this decision. We are also working to address the impact on other members of our team and ensure that we continue to meet the needs of our players.”

Brace Yourself Games has confirmed that development of the NecroDancer Synchrony DLC and rhythm game spin-off Rif Of The NecroDancer will continue. They’ll also continue to work on the time-forward mech Phantom Brigade, which launched on Steam in February, and one unannounced project.

Phantom Brigade was released on Steam after an early access period during which it was exclusively available through the Epic Games Store. It has “mixed” recent reviews on Steam, though generally “overwhelmingly positive” – ​​and our own Ghost Brigade review. enjoyed the battles but not the campaign.

Brace Yourself also released the sci-fi city builder Industries Of Titan on Steam back in January after a similar period of Epic exclusivity, and it currently has “Mixed” overall reviews on Steam.