• Monster Meg is now available for purchase on Xbox Series X and Xbox One.
  • Monster Meg is an emotionally charged role-playing game with a duo of wonderful characters.
  • A new twist on the “save the world” formula.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were an invincible player in an RPG? Monster Meg is now available on Xbox consoles and combines a heartfelt story with a unique twist: the protagonist refuses almost every blow, but must protect his newfound friend if he wants to protect his world from a sudden disaster.


There is a place known as the Underworld where monstrous creatures feast on humans who fall to earth. Unfortunately for lost girl Meg, she’s in grave danger… until Roy shows up. An invincible ogre, the strongest in the land, he reluctantly decides to help her reunite with her mother. However, there is one small problem: if she starts crying, the underworld will be destroyed. Players will need to help Roy reunite Meg with her mother in an adventure full of strange characters and dangerous enemies.

While the story about Monster Meg revolves around Meg and Roy, there are some cool creatures to encounter. The council consists of four intimidating (but well-intentioned) monstrous members, and each enemy has a quirky personality that manifests itself in every battle. Each fight will have a unique creature and a different way to navigate the fight. The turn-based combat system also keeps you on your toes, even if you can tank with ease. You need to help Roy balance dealing damage while protecting Meg from harm.


Monster Meg it’s Odencat’s most ambitious title to date. This is our first game made specifically for consoles, and our team has put their heart and soul into creating a story that will stay with you long after the credits roll. From the wonderful soundtrack by Reo Uratani (Monster Hunter, Atelier Ryza 2, Hi-Fi Rush)and Laura Shigihara (Deltarune, Plants Vs. Zombie, Rakuen) to the gorgeous pixel art of Thomas Prestholm, we’ve made sure it’s a trip to remember.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to experience Monster Meg on Xbox. Stay tuned and have fun!

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Monster Meg



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Welcome to the Underworld, a land of monsters and mutants that eat people for breakfast. One such monster, a clumsy ogre named Roy, has no interest in eating humans. But one day he and his best friend Golan come across a lost little girl named Meg and discover something truly terrifying: the moment she starts wailing in fear, the sky turns a blood-red hue and the earth itself begins to shake. and an earthquake. That’s right: this little girl’s tears have the power to cause the apocalypse, and the only way to stop it is to help them find her mother so she can return home safely. Meg’s Monster is a short, story based JRPG with a big twist. Players control Roy, who starts the game with 99,999 HP and is practically untouchable, but the real concern is keeping Meg safe because if she starts crying, it’s game over for everyone. Players will have to master the unique mechanics and mini-games that are part of each battle, protecting Meg and using her favorite toys to keep her calm. As Roy and Meg travel together, they’ll meet a host of whimsical and colorful characters, all lovingly rendered in Odencat’s signature pixel art that makes even the scariest monsters look cute. There’s plenty of drama and intrigue — and even previously defeated enemies can be befriended through additional events. What begins as a relatively simple and touching story about two unlikely friends eventually expands into something much bigger as Roy and Meg slowly begin to unravel the mysteries surrounding the Underworld and themselves. The result is an emotional journey that, like any good storybook, will stay in your heart for years to come.