Warning: This post contains major spoilers for Creed III

Creed III Adonis Creed is still seen on top, retiring to fight his childhood friend Damian “Diamond” Anderson. Directed by Michael B. Jordan, who also returns as the title character, from a screenplay by Keenan Coogler and Zach Baylin. Creed III Adonis explores Creed’s past and the next phase in his life.

Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan) was shocked when Dame (Jonathan Majors) re-entered his life. After revealing what she really wants and how long it will take to get there, Dame challenges Adonis to a fight. Dame wanted to prove she was the best and Creed wasn’t going to let her win. The boxing game is loaded because there is so much history between the childhood friends. After 12 rounds, Creed wins and reconciles with Dame; there are no hard feelings between them. Creed III Adonis ends up in the ring briefly before leaving with his daughter and Bianca.


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Why did Dame want to fight Adonis in Creed 3?

Creed 3 Damian Anderson

Damien reached out to Creed after his release from prison, but it wasn’t to rekindle their friendship. He went through everything. Rather, it was set up so that Damien would have private access to Creed’s life – his home, his gym, his family. Character of Jonathan Majors targeted the other person’s weaknesses. Dame even hired a prisoner to attack Drago so he couldn’t box against Felix, Creed’s boxer. This gave Damien a chance to fight for the first time since his imprisonment.

Damien wanted to reclaim what was lost in his time, and he blamed part of it on Creed, who ran away and abandoned Dame when she needed him the most. Returning to the ring gave Dame a chance to get revenge on Creed, facing him in a way he couldn’t at the time, and at the same time make a name for himself in the boxing world to launch his career. In the end, Dame Creed had a bone and used it like a rung on a ladder to climb to the top. His Creed III plan allowing him to settle old scores and return to boxing in one fell swoop.

Victor Drago’s Spinoff setup in Creed 3 explained

Creed 3 Viktor Drago

Victo Drago and Adonis Creed fought each other at the end Creed II. In Creed III, but Drago and Creed are allies. Although their relationship has not been fully explored Creed IIIthey must have grown closer in the years between them movies. Drago and Creed show a lot of respect for each other in the movie Creed the third installment of the franchise, and Creed III Created a spinoff of Viktor Drago. Now that he and Creed are friends, what’s next for Drago?

He’s still boxing and he seems to be in a better place now, less angry Spin-off film of Drago could have given the character the focus he didn’t get Creed movies so far. There’s more to the boxer than meets the eye, and a spin-off movie could finally explore his backstory, the Drago family drama, and more. If nothing else, Creed III This certainly means that viewers haven’t seen the last of Victor Drago, especially now that he’s in Los Angeles. He could pull it off even with Damian Anderson Creed spin off. Everything is possible.

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Why doesn’t Rocky attend Mary-Anne’s funeral in Creed 3?

stone creed 3

Not in Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa Creed III in general, despite appearing in the first two Creed movies. Interestingly, Rocky Balboa isn’t even mentioned After Creed’s mother, Mary-Ann, died of a second stroke. Given that they knew each other well and that Rocky was always checking up on her, it seemed odd that she wouldn’t come to the funeral or call Creed. Rocky may have left for a fight and couldn’t make it to the funeral in time. Maybe he was referring to Creed off-screen. Anyway, instead of keeping the audience guessing, Rocky’s absence from Mary-Anne’s funeral could have been an excuse.

The reason why Mary-Ann kept Damian’s letters secret

Creed 3 Mary-Anne

Before Mary-Ann Creed died, Creed discovered that Damian had hidden the letters, which angered Adonis. In the end, Mary-Anne didn’t want Adonis to be attached to Damian because he was a bad influence. Mary-Anne wanted her son to move on, to build a new life for himself, freed from his painful past. Creed III indeed reflected Adonis’s past, and the connections with Mary-Ann and Damian cemented that. Although Adonis was furious, Mary-Anne felt she was doing the right thing to protect her son. It was something he felt he couldn’t appreciate at the time, even though it proved that Adonis could grow without Damian by his side.

Why Adonis defeated Dame in Creed 3 final battle

creed 3 adonis beat dame

When Adonis Creed became the world champion, he did not achieve much in the world of boxing. However, when Dame challenged him to defend his title on live television, Adonis had no choice but to accept his old friend’s offer. Well, Creed could refuse, but he never backed down from a fight, and he had a lot to prove not only to Damian, but to himself.

Creed should have won an anime-influenced boxing match for many reasons – to defend his title, to protect his pride, and to prove to himself that he is not one to shy away from a fight as an adult. Fighting Dame proved all of that, and winning the match showed Dame that Creed was undefeated, the best in the game. Creed had to prove that the title he got was what he earned and that it wasn’t a fluke because Dame was great at boxing. After all, Creed has worked hard all his life and it would look bad if he lost against Dame.

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How to install Creed 3 Creed 4

creed 3 amara creed 4

There is not much Creed III It shows Adonis coming back for another round, but Creed 4 Approved by Michael B. Jordan. In addition to the potential of Viktor Drago, Creed III offers to stand out with the character of Jonathan Majors, who has just started his boxing career. With Creed III Seeing as Adonis retires, it’s possible Creed 4 daughter Amara may follow Creed as she begins her boxing career.

Creed III Amara confirmed that she was indeed into boxing and even watched all of her father’s matches. since Creed movies have time jumps, it’s possible Creed 4 It could take place a few years after the third film, with Amara as a teenager preparing for her first match with her father. Adonis wants to devote his time to teaching others, so why not start with his own daughter? Amara could learn how to fight properly from her father and express her emotions better from her mother, Bianca. There are many possibilities here and this would be a good way to proceed The story of Adonis Creed.

The ultimate meaning of Creed 3 explained

true meaning of creed 3

Creed III is to face one’s past, confront it, and take responsibility for one’s actions. Throughout the film, Adonis is faced with guilt, fear and anger. Finally, in addition to taking responsibility instead of running away like he did as a child, Creed needed to work with his emotions instead of taking out his anger in unhealthy ways and staying bottled up. The Creed movies have long been about Adonis coming to terms with his father’s legacy and death and forging a path for himself on his own terms.

But for this he had to go through a lot of hard feelings. Adonis really goes up the end of Creed III, showing that Damian is not what he used to be; he has grown up and is able to sort out feelings that he could not put into words before. Creed admits that he could have been there for his friend when he wasn’t, and apologized for it—real character development. Creed is better off facing his past and actually being able to move on. This brings his story full circle.

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