Michael B. Jordan’s true boxing skills are on display in a Creed III behind the scenes video. When Adonis Creed’s (Jordan) childhood friend Damian Anderson (Jonathan Majors) is finally released from prison after 18 years, the two find each other in the ring and finally put their troubled pasts behind them. Creed III received positive reviews from both critics and audiences and has grossed just over $185 million at the box office to date.


Anne “Mitt Queen” Najjar acted as himself Creed III and recently shared a behind-the-scenes video showing him warming up Jordan before boxing scenes.

As Najjar goes through the ring drill, the crew looks at Jordan’s nimble hands and cheers. The Creed the franchise highlighted Jordan’s real-life boxing skills throughout the three films.

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Why does Creed 3’s final battle stand out in the Rocky franchise?

Creed III 3 Jonathan Majors Damian sitting in the ring

released in 1976, RockyAcademy Award-winning sports drama established the structural framework for all future films in the series. Apart from Rocky Wfilms end with a boxing match in the ring, most of which go the distance. Creed III In a brutal game of independence and brutality, Creed’s final battle against Damian is no exception. Like Stallone before him, Jordan immersed himself in boxing, training and sculpting his body, mimicking the image of a real fighter to bring the champion to life on screen.

Most of the franchise’s boxing games are based on reality, usually shot in a style that mimics watching a real fight on television. However, a number of Rocky‘s big fights contained stylized moments, using flashbacks, revelations and dramatic portraits to show the boxer’s emotions. Creed III took these methods another step to convey the deep-rooted feelings between Creed and Damian by using avant-garde styles and drawing inspiration from anime-style battles.

during Creed IIIIn the final game, the two friends find themselves cut off from the rest of the world, the arena audience absent, and their joy muted. It showed Creed and Damian’s intense focus on each other, as if nothing else mattered in the ring other than solving their problems. Instead of facing the ropes, Creed hits the prison bars in a visual metaphor for his and Damian’s journey. Jordan’s interest in continuing the franchise through spinoffs and a potential Creed III continuationviewers will have to be patient to see what kind of filmmaking techniques he uses in his next entry in the franchise.

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Source: Ann Najjar