Creed 3 is projected to have the biggest opening weekend in the history of the Michael B. Jordan film Rocky franchise.

Creed 3 the biggest opening in its history headed into the weekend Rocky franchise. As the ninth general charge Rocky series and the third in a spinoff series that began in 2015, Creed 3 Michael B. finds himself in the ring with Jordan’s childhood friend and ex-convict, Damian Anderson (played by Jonathan Majors). The film is a notable departure for the franchise as it is the first film not to star creator Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa, making Jordan his directorial debut, following in the footsteps of his former co-star. Creed 3.

Now, with Creed 3The release date of is correct just around the corner, the first box office projections emerged. Per Submission deadline; termination period, Creed 3 Heading into the $38 million to $40 million opening weekend. If Creed 3 would open to anything above $35.5 million, which would be a record debut for Rocky franchise.

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How Creed 3’s Opening Weekend Predictions Compare to the Rocky Franchise

Michael b.  In Creed 3, Jordan and Jonathan Majors entered the ring

Creed 3is expected to be the highest on its opening weekend Rocky The franchise’s history is a true testament to the spinoff series’ upward trajectory. However, as always, inflation is a factor when comparing box office numbers from decades apart. in 1985, Rocky IV It grossed just $20 million in its opening weekend, which, adjusted for inflation, would be around $55 million today, and the highest for Rocky franchise.

In comparison Creed 3The opening weekend of its two predecessors in the spinoff series doesn’t mean much inflation. The first two Creed the films were released on Thanksgiving in 2015 and 2018, opening to $29 million and $35 million over the weekend, respectively. If Creed 3‘s box office predictions are coming true, with its opening weekend surpassing its predecessor Rocky franchise history. With Creed 3‘s reviews tend to be very positive, which seems like a distinct possibility.

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