Today Craftopia Developer PocketPair has revealed the release window for a massive upcoming update to its popular Early Access game.

Aptly named “Smooth global update,” it will appear in June 2023 and promises to be the biggest in the game. The developers have worked purposefully to rebuild the game world from the ground up and add a lot of features and content.

The update was announced a long time ago, and so far its development has caused a significant slowdown content release ratelooks like the developers will finally launch in a month.

You can decide if it was worth the wait by watching the new trailer below. Personally, my answer would definitely lean towards yes, but your mileage may vary, I suppose.


Craftopia is a charming open-world action survival game that includes farming, lots of industrial-style crafting, animal breeding, a full skill tree-based progression system, dungeon exploration and combat, fishing, vehicle building, multiplayer, and more .

It was released in early access in September 2020 on PC via Steam and Windows Store, in addition to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, including Game Pass. It’s been in development ever since, and as of 2022, we’ve heard that over a million copies of the game have been sold on Steam alone, which is certainly encouraging.