Conor Ben He then promised to “return with vengeance”. World Boxing Council acquitted of willful doping charges.

Wednesday, WBC It decided that “fairly high egg consumption” was considered a “reasonable explanation” for Benn’s negative finding that saw the average weight match. Chris Eubank Jr.Scheduled for October 2022, it was cancelled.

Trace amounts of clomiphene, a fertility drug known to raise testosterone levels in men, were found in Benn’s urine.

Testing was conducted by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) in July and September. Later, Benn, the 26-year-old son of the former super middleweight world champion, Nigel BennHe has waived his license from the British Boxing Control Board.

Benn, who has always denied the willful or deliberate ingestion of any prohibited substance, was happy to see his name cleared, but argued that there were elements in the sanction agency’s statement that he did not agree with.

Despite the WBC’s decision, Benn’s case continues to be investigated by the UK Anti-Doping and British Boxing Control Board.

Until this process is complete, Benn will not have a license to box in the UK, but would be able to fight in another country under a different jurisdiction.

“I am pleased that the WBC has finally cleared my name, with no sanctions or bans and no world standings reinstated. Now I can put that behind me and get on with my career right away,” Benn said in his Instagram story.

“While I welcome the final result, I disagree with everything said in the WBC’s statement. This is a topic I discuss in more detail in my legal team.

“There will be additional comments in due course, but for now I just want to focus on getting my career back on track after I’ve been effectively prevented from fighting for months.

I want to thank my fans for their patience and perseverance and look forward to returning with vengeance.”

Benn will undergo regular anti-doping testing to monitor the impact of the WBC program on avoiding the risk of future adverse symptoms caused by nutritional factors.

Following the WBC announcement, the BBBoC issued a statement clarifying the position on Benn’s case, emphasizing that the fighter’s camp has yet to be revealed with any evidence.

“For clarity, the BBBoC wishes to make clear that it respects the WBC, while the WBC is a sanctioning body, not a governing body.”

“The BBBoC was the governing body for which Benn was licensed at the material time, and as such, any allegations of anti-doping violations will be dealt with in accordance with its rules and regulations.

“The BBBoC has adopted the UK Anti-Doping Rules published by UK Anti-Doping and forms part of the rules to which Benn adheres. Therefore, the WBC’s decision does not affect the continued application of the BBBoC rules (and those of UKAD).”