Conor Ben He issued a statement detailing what he called the “truth”. later cleared of “deliberately” doping.

Ben and Chris Eubank Jr. He prepared to fight in October last year before their match was canceled shortly after Benn returned negative drug test findings.

just last week The World Boxing Council (WBC) cleared the 26-year-old football player of “deliberately” doping.gave the “reasonable explanation” that “very high egg consumption” caused one of the two drug tests to fail. The Briton later failed a second test in September that was not specified by the sanctioning body.

After the WBC’s statement, Benn initially said, “While I welcome the final result, I disagree with everything said (by the WBC). This is something I have discussed in more detail in my legal team.”

He now appears to have taken the matter and posted a lengthy tweet to inform his fans of what’s going on and explain why he’s “always extremely confident” that he will be acquitted. “This is because all the evidence and information that has come to light during our investigation of how this happened proves what I already knew – that I was innocent,” he wrote.

“As part of the lengthy investigation, the WBC instructed its own experts to review my supplements and diet, and they concluded that egg contamination was the most likely cause.

“These experts have seen this problem arise in elite athletes in other sports, and I have no reason to question their analysis when they conclude that I am not cheating.”

Benn also voiced his complaints about the WBC’s statement, suggesting that his sample “had come out clean the first three times when tested.” He says he was later retested “without explanation”, at which point trace positives were shown.

While the lab involved in the test “could lose its accreditation,” Benn himself requested that the B samples be tested as early as possible. This process should have seen the scientist he had chosen in the room when his test results were returned, but that was not the case – as a result Benn was told that this constituted “a gross violation of an athlete’s rights” and that the Court of Arbitration had ruled against Sport only on any such basis. would dismiss the case.

But Benn concludes his explanation by saying that he details for extra information, rather than the reasons for the “void” innocence he says is absolute.

The 26-year-old continued: “Now I have to focus on rebuilding my career because it has cost me a lot of time and money, but I want to take a stand on behalf of athletes who find themselves in a difficult situation.” similarly destructive location.

“Anti-doping protections are obviously extremely important, but so is ensuring that people are prosecuted and presumed innocent until proven guilty. Cheaters should be caught and punished, but those who have proven their innocence like me should be acquitted and allowed to continue their careers.”

While Benn continued to criticize the BBBoC for “attacking” him and treating him “utterly humiliating”, he was grateful to those who gave him “unwavering support”.

Now he is expected to continue preparations for his next match. Eddie Hearn says he will definitely fight in the first half of this year.