Conor Ben He was cleared by the WBC of “deliberately” doping with “extremely high egg consumption” considered “a reasonable explanation” for the failed drug test.

benn gave two positive doping tests last year Leads to superfight with British rival Chris Eubank Jr.will be canceled last October.

But after a thorough analysis of his sample, the WBC returned Benn to their rankings and concluded that “there is no conclusive evidence that Benn deliberately or intentionally ingested clomiphene.”

This governing body added to a statement: “(2) There was no failure in procedures relating to sample collection, sample analysis, or infringement of Mr. Benn’s B Sample rights that would justify questioning or invalidating the Adverse Finding;

“(3) The documented and fairly high egg consumption at the time of Mr. Benn’s sampling provided a plausible explanation for the Adverse Finding.”

Despite its lengthy statement, the WBC’s statement only relates to Benn’s negative finding in July, which failed a second test in September and was not mentioned by the governing body.

The WBC appealed to anti-doping and nutrition experts before confirming the detailed explanation behind its conclusion.

The decision was based on: “(1) facts known to the WBC at the time of the decision; (2) any extenuating circumstances applicable to the particular situation at hand.

“(3) WBC decisions in precedent anti-doping violation cases; (4) the impartial, prudent and fair analysis and recommendations of the WBC Results Management Unit; and (5) reliable and reliable health and scientific literature.”

The WBC added that it will contact the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) regarding concerns regarding clomiphene as a food contamination.