Today, Funcom released the third chapter of its survival role-playing game Conan the Exilescontinuing Age of Witchcraft saga.

The new chapter introduces new content and features, including a completely revamped Journey system to help newbies explore every aspect of the game, and a pretty big new Golem Shaping feature that lets you create your own magical golem and then send it into battle or harvest to your heart’s content.

This is actually the first time the game has featured an entity that you can send out to collect materials. We’ve had a lot of slaves and tamed animals to fight for us, but aside from using mods, we’ve still had to collect things ourselves.

This update also marks the end with Age of Witchcraft saga, which also included the previous two chapters and marked the introduction of the chapter system to begin with. Players will have to face an epic boss against Kurak, the one who spread sorcery in the Exile Lands.

The next chapter will start a whole new trilogy of chapters with a different theme, but no information has been given as to what that will mean.

You can check out the trailer below and see what the update is all about.


Conan the Exiles is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, and you can also play without additional purchases if you have Xbox Game Pass.