Free fall is a new product of the company Dan Kiltsnerthe creator Bop dog, and if you like brain games, ThinkFun, which looks like a lot of fun. Your spatial thinking and dexterity will be tested as you complete 60 puzzles. First, you need to build a frame and place glasses for an independent maze. Then, you have to solve the maze using marbles. If you can complete all 60 missions, you are encouraged to create your own mazes.

In Freefall, players can choose from 60 puzzles of varying skill levels. Each challenge begins with players building a frame and placing cups to build a self-contained maze. Once complete, players work to solve the maze by dropping marbles into the green starting cup. From there, they must carefully flip and rotate their creation until the marble reaches its destination. The brainiacs who manage each challenge are encouraged to build their own mazes and prove that they are true drag masters!

It sounds like a lot of fun to me and seems like a great game to play with kids to help them develop. Speaking about this, Dr. Deborah GliboaMD shared:

Freefall’s design challenges players to find directions and transform static images into three-dimensional objects, which help develop basic psychological skills such as visual processing, logic, reasoning, focus, and persistence. The reward of completing the maze and watching the ball drop completely inspires players to exercise self-control.

Talk about fetching Free fall to life, Kiltsner said:

Freefall has been over 20 years in the making, and my inventive team at KID Group and I are thrilled to finally share this passion project with the ThinkFun community. The expressiveness and spin of the game’s design make it visually stunning and uniquely fun to play, while encouraging players to use logic and engineering in a way that proves they don’t have to choose between math and art.

You can shop Free fall from now on Amazon For $34.99 and enjoy tons of puzzles by yourself or with family and friends.