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Many players don’t know how come and feed the raccoons in Disney Dreamlight Valley. It’s easy to see why; wild animals are quite shy and will run away if you get too close. You can follow them to feed them, but this is a much more difficult method. So let’s find out how to approach raccoons in this game and what they like to eat.

Come and feed the Disney Dreamlight Valley raccoons

How to approach raccoons in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To approach and feed the raccoons in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to be very patient and careful. Basically, you need to approach them until they stand on their hind legs. This means they are vigilant. Once this happens, stop. Wait until the raccoon falls down again. Take one step forward. This will alert him again, so you need to stop one more time. Repeat this process until you get close enough for an interaction button pop-up to appear. And that’s all there is to it. You can technically sneak up on them from behind, but if you take one wrong step, the raccoon will run away. It’s best to use the slower, more careful method.

how to approach raccoons in disney valley dreamlight
Step by step approach

What do raccoons eat in Disney Dreamlight Valley

So, now that we know how to handle the raccoons in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley, what should we feed them? Well, raccoons will eat many different foods, but their absolute favorite is blueberries. Lucky for you, blueberries grow in bushes throughout the raccoon area in the Forest of Valor. Plus, they grow back in about half an hour or so. If you’re really desperate, you can buy them in the shop for 29 Star Coins each. And that’s basically all it takes. If you need more help, watch our video on approaching and feeding raccoons. Keep in mind, you will have to do this multiple times with the same raccoon to earn their trust.

disney dreamlight valley how to feed the raccoons
Feed them blueberries

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