I do not know where to find the Baby Leviathan fossil in Zelda TOTK? During your adventures in the Gerudo Desert, you will meet a young paleontologist named Lun. She looks around Colossal Gerudo Fossil, and she needs your help to find the skeleton of Baby Leviathan. Read on as we explain where to find it.

Colossal Fossil Gerudo Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Zelda TOTK Baby Leviathan Fossil

Where to Find Baby Leviathan Fossil Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Gerudo Colossal Fossil Guide

When you talk to Lun near East Akkala Stables, she will tell you about her plans to see the fossil of the third extinct Leviathan in the Gerudo region. This will start the Gerudo Colossal Fossil side quest. You’ll meet up with Lun again in the Great Gerudo Skeleton Cave. That’s where the skeleton of Leviathan is. Talk to Lun there and she will assume that the smaller head must be the baby Leviathan. She would like to see both the parents and the child together. So she will ask you if you can find the Baby Leviathan fossil. So where is the Baby Leviathan fossil in Zelda TOTK?

The good news is that the Gerudo Colossal Fossil is in the same cave! You will need to find two parts of the skeleton – the tail and the body. The tail can be found deep in the cave, near a small pond, under a massive Leviathan skeleton. The tail is covered with several mounds of sand. See our image below for exact location. You will need use the nearby Zonai Fan to blow away the sand tail Bring the tail to the baby’s head, and now let’s look for the body.

As for the body, you’ll need to use the climb under the huge skeleton to get to the top of it. Once you’re on your back, look up at the ceiling and you’ll see a small part of a skeleton sticking out of the rocks there. Blast the rocks with explosive arrows (fuse with flower bombs) and a small skeleton will fall to the ground. Finally, use the Ultra Arm ability to connect the head to the body and the body to the tail. When you’re done, talk to Lun and she’ll reward you with 50 rupees.