In a shocking turn of events, V-tuber was reinstated.

Loyal followers of Twitch streamer CodeMiko can breathe a sigh of relief as the streaming platform has lifted its ban on the popular V-tuber. CodeMiko was sanctioned after violating Twitch’s Terms of Service after she used a shock collar on herself during the live broadcast.

With nearly a million followers on Twitch, CodeMiko has thousands of viewers who regularly tune in to catch up with her. But in a recent stream, Miko went too far for Twitch’s policy and was banned after using a shock collar. The streaming platform bans content “that glorifies, promotes or encourages self-harm” and acts that encourage “physically harmful behavior.” But the ban didn’t last long, and CodeMiko took to Twitter to celebrate and announce the cancellation (via Dexerto).

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V-tuber revealed that she was initially banned for seven days, but after Twitch staff reviewed the matter, they decided it was an “incorrect ban”, the warning was lifted, and CodeMiko can stream on Twitch again.

CodeMiko was banned for the eighth time after the shock collar incident. After she was banned, her Twitch channel disappeared and was replaced with the message: “This channel is temporarily unavailable due to violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.”

During a recent stream, Miko and fellow Twitcher HanaxBanana played a game where the pair followed the rule of “you laugh, you lose,” and if anyone laughed, it was a shock. Miko was wearing a shock collar.

CodeMiko rose to fame through V-tubing, where she appears as a virtual person using a digital avatar superimposed on her figure and face. Miko (real name Yuna Kang) uses advanced motion capture suits, gloves and the Unreal Engine to bring her alter ego to life. And now Twitch users can once again see more of the cute streamer on the platform.

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