Reloaded season 3 is live Warzone 2, and the new Koschei DMZ Exclusion Zone has an exclusive project for the Kastov 762 Assault Rifle, but you’ll need to find and scavenge the parts to “build” it. Here’s how you can get yourself a Heated Madness weapon project.

How to unlock Heated Madness free gun project

To get the colorful sketch of the Heated Madness Assault Rifle, you first need to visit the new Koshchei DMZ Exclusion Zone. It’s a hidden area beneath Al Mazra, but we have a full guide on all the different ways to access this underground location.

From there you will need to find and successfully extract five pieces of the weapon. They don’t all have to be mined in one DMZ match, but you’ll need them all before you can unlock the project.

Fortunately, your teammates share this progress. So if one teammate pulls out a weapon part, everyone in the squad will also get credit for unlocking that part.

Where to find parts for Heated Madness weapons

Heated Madness Weapon Drawing Challenge
Heated Madness Weapon Drawing Challenge

This is where you’ll want to refer to our guide on how to find all four Koschei Complex access points mentioned below and how to complete each puzzle room.

Here are all five parts of Heated Madness and where to find them:

Barrel lining

The barrel can be found by entering any entrance to the Koschei complex and completing the puzzle room to proceed to the Chemical Plant part of the building. This piece is inside one of the crawl through vents near the center of the room.

Skin of the optic nerve

For this, you need rebreather equipment. Make sure you clear this before trying to loot the piece. Opticians can be found by entering the Koschei complex near Tarak/Al Mazra Bridge. You’ll need to complete the first half of the swimming puzzle, and when you reach the surface for the second part, stick to the right side path. Watch for wires and AI here. The path forks again but keep to the right and there is a boarded up hole in the wall. Break through the hole and dive into the flooded room with the respirator. Swim straight until you pass through a set of doors. Optics is in the back left corner of the room.

Magazine skin

For a journal, you’ll want to make sure you have one gas mask. You will need to enter the Oasis access point and go through the gas puzzle room. When you get to the last section (marked as Section 1), you’ll want to go inside the gas-filled bunker on the left with the long gas tanks. It’s behind the tanks.

Face skin

You’ll want to go through Rohan Oil as well take an extra car battery and connecting cables. You’ll need one to access the chemical plant, and another set to activate the other bunker doors to continue. Once inside the chemical plant, pick up the R4D detector, which can be easily looted somewhere in the rooms in the area. Go south from the chemical plant until you reach door C2.

Here you need to hook it up with the battery and cables, go through the door (the area is called Alpha Clusters) and go right down the hall and down the stairs into another large room. Use R4D to find a door with three glowing symbols. Then use the R4D detector on the boards in the room. There are more than four of them, so you need to find the ones that contain your symbols and remember the numbers marked for the symbols to get the door code and open the room with the muzzle.

Advice: It can be difficult to find all three symbols. I could only find two of mine, but I used a process of subtraction to guess the third number on the keyboard. You won’t be blocked after a few guesses.

Skin grip

The muzzle is definitely the trickiest and most time-consuming piece to find, but you can try to grab it at the same time since it’s in the same Alpha Clusters area as the muzzle. For this part you will need to find three AQ notebooks. This is common loot collected on the map, so you can find it during your explorations through the Koschei Complex.

Alpha Clusters has a pedestal of three servers with a message that they are inactive. Interact with the servers to connect all three laptops and you’ll hear a nearby door open. The unlocked room has a grapple and other good loot.

How to create a Heated Madness project

You can check your unlock progress by going to the Challenge section of the game menu, scrolling to the DMZ tab and selecting the Heated Madness challenge. Once you’ve collected all the parts, you can go into the Armory and select the Kastov 762 Assault Rifle. These weapon skins will be found in the attachment sections, so you’ll need to equip them the same way. Example: Heated Madness optical skin is under the optical part of the mounts. Apply all five and the project is ready to use.

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