TikTok star Scott Seyss, who also appeared in Cocaine Bear, prepares viewers for the upcoming film in a new parody video explaining the MCU.

Cocaine bear Viral TikTok star Scott Seiss trolls the MCU in a new parody explainer video for the upcoming Beast vs. Directed by Elizabeth Banks and very loosely based on true events. Cocaine bear tells the story of a 500-pound apex predator who goes on a chaotic killing spree in the Georgia woods after taking too much cocaine. Seiss, known for producing hilarious TikTok content, appears in the film as Tom, a paramedic who has several close encounters with the titular animal.

In a parody explainer video that lets viewers know what they need to know before viewing Cocaine bear (nothing), Seiss It’s funny in the MCU to have a broad understanding of comic book history needed to appreciate certain elements of the superhero franchise.

As Seiss joked, you don’t need to know past post-credits scenes to understand what’s going on. Cocaine bear. The video plays on the idea that the upcoming action comedy is exactly what it says on the tin – a story of a drug-fed bear attacking humans.

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Why Cocaine Bear Could Be a Hit


As a self-aware comedy/thriller aimed at teens and adults, Cocaine bear unlike others A violent night and M3gan. The former was released during the holiday season and earned nearly $76 million, which was impressive enough to prompt a sequel. m3gan, 170 million dollars in revenuebecame a sensation after the release of the first trailer, the film’s unique premise and hilariously creepy dancing robot was enough to lure audiences into theaters.

Cocaine bear It’s easy to understand from the title and the trailers have already teased that the film will offer a lot of violence, brutality and laughs. Attracting audiences to theaters, especially those feeling the effects of so-called “superhero fatigue,” can be simple. Cocaine bear It has a budget of $35 million and is expected to bring in at least $15 million in its opening weekend, a number that could rise further if word of mouth is strong.

Although Cocaine bear may be an unexpected shock, Babylon A few months ago, marketing a movie on the “wildness” factor proved that it’s not always a successful way to attract audiences. Marketed as a drug-and-alcohol romp in Old Hollywood, the Damien Chazelle film was a colossal flop, grossing just $56 million and failing to cover its budget. By the way, Cocaine bear is much closer in tone A violent night or M3ganit certainly bodes well for the upcoming film.

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