Despite being in second place at the box office on the February 24 weekend, Universal Cocaine bear the film opened a surprisingly impressive box office performance and became the real winner of this weekend. Cocaine bear is Universal’s second hit horror comedy of 2023, following a successful January box office run M3GAN. Not only Cocaine bear‘s impressive opening performance bodes well for February’s box office and sequel prospects, but it also points to Disney’s troubled side as it competes with Universal’s continued success in theaters.


The 11 gruesome hero deaths was not the only thing killed by Cocaine bear‘s intense because the film also killed at the box office on its opening weekend. Elizabeth Banks’ horror comedy debuts The Jesus Revolution As the biggest new release on February 24th, but it still faces strong competition Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which opened to $104 million the previous weekend. Although Ant-Man 3 dropped significantly in its second weekend, with the MCU film taking the top spot at the box office Cocaine bear strengthened the second place. However, Ant-Man 3 despite bringing in more money, was not the real winner of the weekend box office – this title Cocaine bear.

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Cocaine Bear’s impressive opening weekend box office performance explained

Cocaine Bear Ambulance Scene-1

Cocaine bear Earned about 23 million dollars At the domestic box office in its opening weekend, it topped initial projections of roughly $20 million above its debut. That’s true considering the brutal horror comedy is going up against an MCU film in its second weekend Cocaine bear’s higher-than-expected box office numbers are particularly impressive. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania It took in just $32.2 million at the domestic box office last weekend after initially earning $104 million, the biggest second-weekend drop ever by an MCU film.

During the Great Depression Ant-Man 3‘s second weekend box office performance can be largely attributed to the film’s quality and poor reviews, along with the excitement surrounding it. Cocaine bearwild scenes of and the film’s largely positive reviews also play a role in the surprising turn of events. Cocaine bearIts $23 million debut was also the second-highest opening at the February 2023 box office. Ant-Man 3 Over $80 million, but a leader The Jesus Revolution About 10 million dollars. Although Cocaine bear still didn’t make as much money as it did on its opening weekend M3GANDebuting to $30.4 million, its success held its own against the second weekend of the Marvel superhero film.

How Cocaine Bear Outsold Ant-Man 3 – Is Disney in Trouble?

Antman the Cocaine Bear and Quantumania the Bee

At the 2022 box office, Disney’s new MCU movies have held the top spot by a significant margin for at least two weeks, which is definitely not the case. February 2023 Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Also MCU movies Doctor Strange is a universe full of madness, Thor: Love and Thunderand Black Panther: Wakanda Forever respectively dethroned by critically acclaimed box office hits Best Weapon: Maverick, noand Avatar: The Waterwaywhereas Ant-Man 3 almost passed with a mid-budget horror comedy Cocaine bear.

While Disney won the 2022 box office, Cocaine bear Universal is predicting a possible 2023 champion. If Disney relies on the MCU for its biggest box office hits in 2023, Ant-Man 3’s performance is not a good sign, indicating that the franchise is not the untouchable force it once was. Although Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will be an inevitable hit due to its beloved nature and its status as the end of a trilogy, it is possible problematic being the only major MCU box office success 2023 year. So Disney can only hope Little mermaid and Indiana Jones 5 In order to maintain its competition with other studios like Universal, this is a concern when Goliath releases its own films that can surprisingly rival the MCU.

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Cocaine Bear’s box office highlights Disney’s major weakness

Brooklyn Prince as Dee Dee and Christian Convery as Henry the Cocaine Bear

How similar Scream (2022) finally dethroned Disney Spider-Man: No Way Home In January 2022, the R-rated horror movie nearly outsold the MCU at the box office. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania In February 2023. While superhero movies have been established as a reliably successful genre at the box office, horror movies have held onto that reputation for much longer. Of course, horror is the biggest genre the studio hasn’t dabbled in and Disney’s losses for horror films continue again underlines this weakness.

Disney likes to maintain its family-friendly outlook, but the lack of horror and R-rated adult comedies that did well at the box office in 2023 shows where it’s losing its box office edge. Now owned by Disney A foreigner and Beast franchise, the potential for its horror success is growing, but the studio may lean more toward the sci-fi aspects of this film series than horror tropes. Still, horror is a huge market that Disney has yet to tap into, leaving Universal and Paramount more room for unexpected success. Cocaine bear.

Cocaine Bear continues Universal’s horror and comedy box office success

Renfield Cocaine Bear M3gan

Cocaine bear‘s success at the box office is also great news for Universal’s horror comedy series, esp PG-13 movie M3GAN. Horror comedies, especially highly satirical ones, have done well both critically and commercially during the pandemic. M3GAN and Cocaine bear has considerable power at the box office. Cocaine bear as strange and follows a somewhat meaningful premise M3GAN it uses its campiness to elevate the horror and comedy elements, which is no excuse for nearly outdoing an MCU movie at the box office.

Universal is taking a risk with these movies and continues to get big payouts, which indicates many more funny horror comedies to come. thank you Cocaine Bear not the end of Universal’s 2023 horror comedy series because Renfield will premiere in April. With Nicolas Cage as Dracula, Renfield It has already garnered a lot of buzz as the beloved actor will be taking on one of the most iconic and daring characters of all time, which could lead to a bigger box office than either of them. Cocaine bear and M3GAN. need Renfield By exceeding commercial expectations and following through, Universal will have the freedom and confidence to produce even more absurd and mind-boggling horror comedies in the future.

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What Cocaine Bear’s Box Office Performance Means for the Sequel

Sequel to Cocaine Bear-2

Cocaine bearA film’s box office opening is very optimistic for the future of its genre, but the staying power of a film in theaters will really determine the future of a film’s genre. Cocaine Bear 2 will happen. Elizabeth Banks on a budget of over $30 million Cocaine bear Universal would need more than $100 million to greenlight a sequel or spin-off. February films that open to around $20 million are typically estimated at $65 million. Cocaine bear next weekend should be better to achieve this goal. A Cocaine bear continuation still possible, but not guaranteed based on box office success, opening weekend only.

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