Cobra Kite Season 6 wraps up the story of Johnny Lawrence and his famous dojo, but Terry Silver and Eagle Fang Karate cause some trouble.

Enter Cobra Kai In Season 6, Johnny Lawrence has two dojo problems. The series began with him reopening the titular dojo from his childhood, but a lot has changed since then. Cobra Kai changed hands several times and became the center of important battles and rivalries. However, now that Terry has dealt with Silver (hopefully for the better), Johnny has to figure out what to do about Cobra Kai and Eagle Fang, and Daniel LaRusso might even lend a hand.


Johnny didn’t originally set out to revolutionize the Cobra Kai dojo, but as he began to develop as a person, the school changed around him. Still, people like it John Kreese and Terry Silver It was made difficult as they each hijacked the school and returned it to its old cruel and brutal ways. Thankfully, Kumush’s true nature was revealed to the world and he was imprisoned. Although Kreese made a bold escape Cobra Kai In season 5, his status as a prisoner should make it difficult to attend the dojo. Still, the road to getting Cobra Kai back may not be easy for Johnny.

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Cobra Kai Dojo is still owned by Terry Silver in Season 6

Cobra Kai Kreese Terry Silver Cobra Kai Students

Before being arrested Cobra Kai In Season 5, Terry Silver used his vast wealth to raise the Cobra Kai dojo to a higher level than ever before. If he decides to take the school back, it might be a good thing for Johnny. With a problem Cobra Kai Season 6 Silver is still the rightful owner. Just because he’s in prison doesn’t mean he’s stripped of all his possessions. In fact, Silver may be running his business behind bars, which puts Johnny at a disadvantage if he decides to get involved again.

Additionally, Silver being found to have cheated at the All Valley Tournament could result in her being banned from the Cobra Kai dojo’s karate competitions, even though Silver herself is no longer participating. The dojo has been at the center of many controversies over the years, and Daniel LaRusso even once petitioned for the school to be expelled. All Valley Tournament to the good. With Andy Silver’s name forever tarnished – and still the school’s rightful owner – it might not even be worth the time and effort for Johnny.

Johnny Lawrence now runs Eagle Fang (but without an actual dojo)

Cobra Kai Season 5 Johnny Eagle Fang

Johnny’s dojo situation is more complicated Cobra Kai Season 6, because after his original school was taken away from him, he started a new school called Eagle Fang. In the end, the unconventional dojo did quite well for itself, as the students were able to keep up with Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do without any problems. However, there’s still a problem, as Johnny still doesn’t have an official address to call his name. Cobra Kai Season 5.

With Eagle Fang still a bit shaky and no place to call home, it might make sense for Johnny to focus on getting his old dojo back instead. However, given the pain and injury, Johnny attended John Kreese’s karate school in between Karate boy and Cobra Kai, he may decide it’s time to act. He started Eagle Fang from the ground up, and while it hasn’t taken root yet, it’s been a very positive experience for Johnny.

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Johnny and Daniel are able to merge their dojo in Cobra Kai Season 6


While it may be a healthy choice for Johnny to leave his old dojo in the past, the name of the show Cobra Kai, so it’s hard to imagine that the school won’t play an important part in the story’s conclusion. Things get complicated between all the karate businesses in the Valley, so the audience looks for a happy ending for everyone involved. The obvious answer is to combine the main dojos into a team school, but Miyagi Cobra Fang-Do just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Johnny and Daniel working together to produce the next karate champions could be the perfect way to end their rivalry. Cobra Kai Season 6. Of course, just because they come to an understanding and don’t hate each other anymore doesn’t mean they work together as good teachers. In fact, they have already proven that their adversarial teaching methods can create problems. Instead, regardless of where the two champions are stationed, they can maintain separate but cooperative dojos. But only Cobra Kai Season 6 may well answer that.

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