Scott Parker Belgian side dismissed Club BrugesWell, only more than two months later.

The former Bournemouth and Fulham head coach was appointed on 31 December, but won only two of the 12 matches he was responsible for.

He was sacked after a heavy loss to Benfica. Champions League On Tuesday night, the 5-1 reversal resulted in a 7-1 loss on aggregate.

In a short and clear statement posted on the official website, Brugge said: “Scott Parker is no longer the head coach of Club Brugge.

“Parker (42) was announced as the new head coach of Club Brugge on 31 December last year. The English former international has previously worked for Fulham and Bournemouth and has replaced Carl Hoefkens at the Club. The English player could only win 2 out of 12 matches.”

Club Brugge are in fourth place at home, but lost 3-0 away to Ostend at the weekend.

Parker’s departure marks the second time he has been fired from a job this season, following his dismissal as Bournemouth head coach at the end of August.

He has won just once in Cherries’s four league appearances this season.