The cast Clint Eastwood‘s final film continues to grow Kiefer Sutherland officially added Jury #2according to The Hollywood Reporter. The film follows a complex legal case where tough decisions must be made in the pursuit of justice. Sutherland joins an already impressive list, which includes Nicholas Hoult and Toni Collette, almost ensuring attractive performances will be delivered during the last time Eastwood stands behind the camera. After a legendary career spanning half a century, it’s time for one of the industry’s most dedicated filmmakers to take a break.

The future Warner Bros. freedom follows family man Justin Kemp (Hult), who finds himself grappling with a serious moral dilemma while serving as a judge in a high-profile murder trial, trying to sway a jury’s verdict and potentially convict or acquit could be used for , the wrong killer. Sutherland is set to play Kemp’s sponsor in Alcoholic Anonymous during the events Jury #2. It is not yet known what role Collette’s character will play in the story Zoey Deutchs, for that. As production nears, the studio is getting closer to setting a release date for the highly-anticipated film.


Sutherland was last seen in the TV series The rabbit hole, where he played John Weir, a corporate spy skilled at deception and ruining lives. In his latest mission, a mysterious cabal turns the tables on him and gives him a taste of their own medicine by framing him for murder, and he finds himself in a cat-and-mouse game to win his freedom. finds The show was released after a weekly model Paramount+, where you can stream the entire first season. Sutherland brings his best acting skills to Eastwood’s latest project of tension and unpredictability.

Kiefer Sutherland, 24
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Clint Eastwood’s previous theater project

When was the last Clint Eastwood movie to hit the big screen? Cry Macho In 2021, Warner Bros. issued by The story stars the director himself as Mike Milo, a former Texas rodeo star forced to retire early due to a back injury. Mike is tasked with bringing the farm owner’s son back to him. This involves traveling all the way to Mexico City to meet the child’s mother (Natalia Traven), while trying to convince him to surrender the child. Obviously, it’s not even a reasonable task to set the stage for drama in Eastwood’s film.

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