Cities: Skylines 2 was announced yesterday, with a CG trailer and scant details other than that it’s somewhat “revolutionary.” If, like me, you’re after something more specific about how it might differ from its predecessor, then you might be interested in the apparently leaked list of achievements, which includes information about disasters, weather, resized maps, and more.

As noticed PC playera seemingly complete list of Xbox achievements is available through both Xbox Achievements and Real achievements.

One of these achievements is called “All That Light Touches”, which is awarded when the player opens 150 map tiles in a single city. The first Cities: Skylines maps had a maximum of 81 tile maps, of which 25 were buildable, although players could only build a maximum of nine in a single city. Then 150 is a step forward.

Other achievements include references to hail, tornadoes, and wildfires—the latter two of which were only added to the original Cities: Skylines via the Natural Disasters DLC. There is also the Zero Emission achievement, which is awarded for building a city powered entirely by renewable energy, and other achievements that celebrate the use of the editor to create a map or any other non-map resource. It all sounds interesting to me.

I love Cities: Skylines and city ​​planners all in all, I’m really looking forward to any sequel info. I have a long list of things I hope this will do, like clearer neighborhoods, mixed zoning, and the ability to build cities that aren’t entirely structured around cars. Whatever it does, it seems to have something to offer something to compensate for the transition from heavily expanded, heavily modified Skylines to a sequel that will likely be less content-heavy, at least initially.

Paradox was also announced a new game from the developers of Shadowrun and BattleTech and Life By Youa Sims competitor from former Sims developer Rod Humble.