Actress Christina Ricci has been in Hollywood for a long time and started his career in 1990 when he was 10 years old. Mermaids next to Cher and Winona Ryder. The following year, he made his mark as Wednesday Addams The Addams Familyacted in young films such as Now and then and Casper in later years. She spent the next two decades in Indian dramas and came back into the limelight in the last few years, starring in two popular serials. Yellow jackets and wednesday.

As an actress for three decades, Ricci has seen the industry change, and she’s talking about an experience she had a while ago that she thought wouldn’t happen.

In a recent interview with The View (via EW), Ricci explained that he was once threatened for refusing to perform a sex scene in a certain way. The talk show hosts asked her how movies and television have changed over the years for a young woman, and she said that if she shows her limits, they will be heard more clearly.

“It’s really cool. We old ladies talk about it all the time. It’s amazing to see that they don’t have to go through what we have to go through. They are able to say, “I don’t want to do this sex scene,” “I’m not going to be naked.” They can set boundaries for themselves that we would never allow. Someone once threatened to sue me because I didn’t want to do this sex scene a certain way. It’s really changed and it’s great to see.”

During the interview last year Euphoria Emmy nominee Sidney Sweeney as part of Various “Actors on actors” series, Ricci mentioned that he once threatened to sue on a film set. At that time, he did not disclose that he had refused to have sex.

“I remember one time they told me I didn’t like something in a movie and threatened to sue me if I didn’t do it. This will never happen again. I didn’t do it anyway. And they didn’t sue me.”

Speaking about doing nude scenes with Sweeney, Ricci added:

“What bothered me the most was that other people were bothered by my nakedness. So what I did, and you wouldn’t be allowed to do it now – I just went bare. I said, “Don’t make me feel weird, I’m the one to be ashamed of”… I haven’t had sex in years. I’m at that age where they don’t expect much from you anymore. I mean, I don’t enjoy them.’

It’s sad that it took so long for women to have a voice in Hollywood, we still have a way to go, but it’s great that actresses are feeling more comfortable voicing their opinions and concerns about how they feel about their bodies . on the screen.

Christina Ricci can be seen in the next episode Yellow jackets Season 2 airs March 24 on Showtime.