Chris Pratt has been a lot of crap since it was released for the first trailer Super Mario Bros movie and everyone heard his voice for Mario. I think the fans will love Super Mario Bros. expected an Italian-voiced voice similar to the character in the game franchise, but instead we got a voice that sounds very similar to Chris Pratt.

In a recent interview with the BBC One Show, which you can watch below, Pratt and his co-star Charlie Daywho voiced Luigi in the film, was asked about the voice condition and Pratt explained:

“We love Mario’s ‘Wahoo!’ There are a few things I’ve heard people say. and that kind of stuff. – This is me! Come on! So we tried to find a way to put that in the movie, but it fits the story of these working-class American boys from Brooklyn.

Day agreed, telling Pratt, “Yeah, you can’t say, ‘It’s me!’ for 90 minutes” because “after 10 minutes, we know it’s you.”

I think it can be difficult to translate a voice doing simple phrases into a conversational everyday voice. It’s funny because you can hear Pratt miming and it sounds like he’s able to make the transition because he does the voice so well, but it’s probably weird. I guess we should just take what we can get and enjoy the movie. It still looks like a lot of fun, even if it makes Mario look like Mario and Chris Pratt.

Super Mario Bros movie It is planned to be shown in cinemas from April 5.