Chris Pine revealed the perfect plan Star Trek 4 and beyond, but it is unlikely to ever happen. A long overdue follow-up Star Trek: Behind Recently removed from Paramount’s schedule of upcoming releases, there’s no word on when theatergoers will be able to see another adventure for the Kelvin Timeline team.

Reflecting on the status of the project in conversation with EsquireDelays are an open criticism for Pine Star Trek 4, said that actors are always the last to be informed. It also lays out an ideal blueprint for future films star trekKelvin Chronologywhen suggesting that they do: “instead of competing with the wonders of the world, the film continues on its merry way. Recognizing this Star Trek Since the franchise wasn’t created to do the billion dollar business of a Marvel movie, Pine stays true to his values. Star Trek recognizes one of the main issues affecting the situation Star Trek 4.

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Chris Pine’s Star Trek movie plan is spot onStar Trek's Kelvin timeline and Chris Pine as Captain James T Kirk

Star Trek beloved franchise, but Chris Pine is right – it shouldn’t try to compete with Marvel. There is a proven audience for a Star Trek cinema, as an example of five different properties in a stream A star Track TV show stable, so it makes perfect sense to appeal to this audience. Having a guaranteed audience greatly reduces the risk of a project, so it’s only right that Chris Pine prioritizes this captive theater audience over the general audience that goes to Marvel movies. Also, strong word of mouth can encourage audiences to watch a movie that is said to be good. Star Trek.

Before the box office success of JJ Abrams Star Trek In 2009, movies were never seen as big blockbusters. Top grossing movies except Kelvin Timeline movies Star Trek is a movie Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, a crowd-pleasing, culture-clash comedy with a strong environmental message. According to Box Office Mojothere are only four out of fifteen Track Movies that grossed over $100 million domestically and yet the franchise continued because there was a proven audience and the movies made back their budgets worldwide. It’s a modest budget and a passionate fan base, as Chris Pine points out. what Star Trek 4 needs to succeed.

Why Paramount Won’t Listen to Chris Pine About Star Trek 4

Chris Pine thinks the Star Trek movies shouldn't compete with Marvel

Paramount previously sought to bring in Chris Hemsworth, best known for playing Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and director Matt Shakman. WandaVision and upcoming Fantastic four movie. Paramount is clearly trying to compete.with miracles of the worldBy trying to include MCU talent Star Trek franchise. Obviously, studio heads JJ Abrams Star Trek As a film franchise that can stand alongside the MCU’s fantastic universes Star Warsso they ignore Chris Pine’s wishes for a modest budget Star Trek 4 aimed at the fan base.

To ignore Chris Pine’s advice is also to ignore Paramount’s biggest successes of the past few years. the unprecedented success of Best Weapon: Maverick proved that there was a gap in the market for blockbuster films aimed at audiences tired of superhero franchise pictures. Star TrekA revision of the Kelvin Timeline group are ideal drawings for the same audience involved Maverick. Kirk and Spock and classic Star Trek: The Original Series crew has a similar nostalgic appeal for audiences of a certain age. Unfortunately, despite this evidence, Pine believes that the actors will be the last to know about it Star Trek 4 As it turns out, the studio isn’t interested in Chris Pine’s sanity Star Trek advice

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The cast of TOS made the Star Trek movies

Pine’s statement “In Star Trek actors are usually the last people to find out” shows how different the studio’s approach is Star Trek compared to TOS movies. Leonard Nimoy was the main creative force the original Star Trek movies, writing together Star Trek IV‘s anti-whaling message and directed the hit film and its predecessor, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Captain Kirk actor William Shatner was less successful Star Trek V: The Final Frontier before Nimoy again had a hand in writing the final film TOS the crew.

The TOS actors were key to the success of the films both in front of and behind the cameras, so it’s a shame Kelvin Timeline’s actors weren’t equally involved. This tradition was continued throughout the year Star Trek: The Next Generation movies, directed by Jonathan Freak Star Trek: First Contactand Brent Spiner co-wrote Star Trek: Nemesis. Reviving this tradition for the 21st century Star Trek Movies that heeded Chris Pine’s advice could finally save Star Trek 4and future Kelvin Timeline movies from development hell.

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