Caution! Spoilers for the Chicago PD season 10 finale.The Chicago PD The season 10 finale of “A Better Place” wraps up the police procedural’s most important case of the year, and the team may lose one of their own. Following the fictional Chicago Intelligence Unit led by Hank Voight, a group of skilled officers and detectives investigate highly sensitive cases in the Windy City’s 21st District. The Squad has had its fair share of challenges, including several character appearances. However, through it all, Intelligence only grew stronger. Chicago PD However, season 10 was undeniably rough.


in season 10, Chicago PD it was expected to be the biggest year yet. Unfortunately, this was not the case. One Chicago cop had to say goodbye to original actor Jesse Lee Soffer, who officially left the project as detective Jay Halstead. Since then, the show has struggled to find its footing. Although it has released some great episodes reminiscent of the old one Chicago PD, many of his journeys felt too clunky and formulaic. In its year-end series, One Chicago revisits the ongoing case of white supremacy and stopping the nefarious plans of local terrorist Richard Beck.

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Torres missed the intelligence’s biggest case of the year

Adam Ruzek and Dante Torres of Chicago PD

While the Intelligence Unit must fight to not only stop, but uncover Beck’s scheme, the team is missing a key member in Officer Dante Torres. Chicago Fire Season 10 finale. The character played by Benjamin Levi Aguilar is fairly new to the show and only appeared as a guest star in season 9 as a recruit with a complicated past. Kevin Atwater said he accompanied his mother to a medical check-up.

This isn’t the first time Torres has missed a scouting job Chicago PD Season 10 however. Other times he was in training as a new recruit. However, the fact that NBC and Wolf Entertainment chose to leave the main character out of the biggest episode of the season is quite unique.

Voight’s relationship with ASA Chapman is getting more complicated

Hank Voight wearing a Chicago police vest

the last half of Chicago PD Season 10 began to involve ASA Nina Chapman more in intelligence work. She and Voight grew closer, especially when he personally touched her to deal with a delicate matter. His confidence allowed Voight to be a little creative in how he approached the situation. Interestingly, despite all his support, Chapman later criticized the intelligence chief for the way he operated. In Chicago PD In the season 10 finale, the pair’s already complicated relationship becomes more complicated as Chapman continues to be suspicious of Voight. How will their partnership develop? Chicago PD Season 11 is definitely going to be fun to watch.

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Burgess and Ruzek Are Totally Together (Are They Getting Married?)

Kim Burgess comforts Adam Ruzek on Chicago PD

As an original romantic couple Chicago PD, Kim Burgess and Adam Ruzek to say they’ve been through a lot would be an understatement. They were once engaged, but despite pulling the plug on the wedding and eventually dating other people, it was clear that they would always hold a special place in each other’s hearts.

After years of going back and forth in their relationship, they finally rekindled their romance. Burgess’ near-death experience in the season 8 finale prompted therapy sessions to deal with PTSD. Chicago PD The season 10 capper firmly confirms that they are in it for the long haul. Maybe when the police procedural returns next season, they’ll finally reconsider going ahead with their wedding.

Ruzek is fighting for his life after being shot

Ruzek poses at PD Seaaon 10 finale in Chicago

Speaking of Ruzek, the Chicago PD The season 10 finale focuses on her trying to get into Beck’s inner circle over the course of the season. Eventually, his determination to keep Samantha Beck and her son Callum safe gets him into trouble. Not realizing how much his grandfather poisoned the boy’s mind, Ruzek is shot by Callum. Meanwhile, Samantha chooses to save her son and leaves a member of intelligence bleeding on the floor. He makes it to Chicago Med just in time, but NBC is keeping his fate in limbo until Season 11. New promo images from Chicago PD The season 10 finale may have ruined Ruzek’s survivalhowever.

Beck Is Dead, But His Battle Is Just Beginning

Ruzek and Sam Chicago PD Season 10 Finale

While Ruzek is in the hospital fighting for his life, the rest of the intelligence officers hunt down Beck in the remaining minutes. Chicago PD Season 10 finale. They eventually capture all three members of the family, but after the patriarch takes his grandson hostage to escape, Voight is hesitant to go after Callum, worried about getting hurt. Eventually, off-screen, Atwater successfully kills Beck. However, even though he is killed, the look on Callum’s face hints that his grandfather’s white supremacist agenda will not die with this man.

Sam and Callum are both arrested Chicago PD After Beck’s death, he doesn’t show them anymore. However, given her cooperation, I wonder if the judge will honor the full immunity agreement Chapman offered Samantha. As for Callum, he is a minor, so he can be released after completing all the paperwork.

Here’s what to expect from Chicago PD Season 11

Chicago pd one character episodes

As with the rest of the One Chicago franchise, Chicago PD is already confirmed to return in the next fall TV season. Unlike previous years, it won a multi-season renewal, but the police procedural is only guaranteed for season 11. Still, there’s more than enough time left to begin fixing the issues that plagued Season 10 by the end. I hope Torres is a better fit for Voight’s. the team. Even with that, Intelligence is still lacking, so the addition of some new actors could liven up the show. Finally, Hailey Upton’s public marriage to Jay Halstead needs a resolution.